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WildFIRE: Legend of the Ryukage Clans

The Legend Continues!



This novel series is a sequel to “The Ryukage” comic series and follows the adventures of the descendants of the original Ryukage Clan members into a distant cyberpunk future where the might of ancient elemental & holy magic must face off against intergalactic wars, demons, mechanized super-soldiers, and high-tech alien weaponry.

Plot Summary:

It is the year 3045.

Approximately 300 years ago, Earth and the other planets in the Attraxian Planetary Council found themselves in a desperate struggle to survive against an alien race of seemingly endless power. They called themselves the Shi’aki. No one knew who they were or where they came from but their objectives were clear and simple, total galactic domination and the destruction of all civilizations therein.


The Great War raged for 15 long, hard years. Many lives were lost. Although the C.D.U.L.Omanaged to slow down the Shi’aki conquest it was clear that they were only postponing the inevitable. The sheer power of the Shi’aki forces and their cutting-edge technology gave them a distinct and lethal advantage. They soon overran the Attraxian forces.

The aliens fought their way into our solar system and began to infiltrate the Earth’s planetary defenses while setting up their own bases and termination camps for the prisoners they managed to capture. They ruthlessly slaughtered anyone who got in their way. No one escaped their wrath.

For the first time in history, mankind was on the brink of total extinction. Then one day it all came to an end. A being of immense power appeared, rising like a phoenix from the ashes to save our world. In one fell swoop, he destroyed the entire Shi’aki fleet as well as most of their military establishments here on Earth. Although he died in the battle which followed, he managed to cripple the alien’s mother ship so severely that the Shi’aki were forced to retreat from our galaxy. No one had heard from them since…. Until recently.

Now, three centuries after the Great Wars, an old enemy has resurfaced to once again haunt mankind. Although most of the Earth-based military installations were destroyed during the wars a few hidden bases and the termination camps still remained. Having kept a low profile for the past 200 years, Shi’aki activity on Earth, as well as many other planets in the galaxy, has begun to increase rapidly in the last century.

With the disbanding of the Attraxian Planetary Council and the dismembering of the Cobra Defense Units there is no one left to formally oppose the Shi’aki conquest in a world full of chaos and confusion. While there are a few factions and underground rebellions that do fight against the Shi’aki, it is still not enough to keep the cancer from spreading. Once again mankind finds himself in a race for survival against an unbeatable enemy.

Time is running out……….

Character Profiles

Alex: Warrior

Alex Rybeck
Character Profile

Shannon: Black Mage

Shannon Monroe
Character Profile

Vincent: Blade Master (Wild FIRE: L.o.R)

Vincent Stone
Character Profile

Character Profile

Naomi Hind
Character Profile

Nichole Imamura
Character Profile

Christina Stonefeather
Character Profile



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