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Building Your Own Creative Site Using WordPress (pt. 1)

Building Your Own Creative Site Using WordPress (pt. 1)
July 18, 2017 wfire3

In this first tutorial, I`ll be showing you how to start building your own creative website for displaying and promoting your original creative works via social media. All you will need for this tutorial are the following:

– A Web hosting provider with at least 10GM of web space (ex.

– A domain name (ex. – but choose something with good keywords in it for SEO and Google searchability)

– An FTP Program (you can download FileZilla for free on Mac or Windows here-

– Download the WordPress installation .zip file from

– An idea of the type of website you want to build (is it for your novel, artwork, comic series, video game characters, etc? Take a few minutes to decide what you would like to post to your site first. You can use this one as a reference )

We`ll be focused on getting your site setup the quickest, easiest, and financially cheapest way possible – but we also want to create a site that you will hold ownership of and that will allow you to display any content, advertisements, or promotions that you desire without any limitations.

This video covers basic WordPress download and server installation. The next video will cover website settings and customization.


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