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I am an experienced Creative Director, Mobile App Developer and Video Blogger in the Tokyo area. I enjoy traveling around the world in order to study martial arts, natural medicinal practices, and traditional forms of cultural expression while sampling the local cuisines. I am self-taught in the areas of Web, Computer Graphics, Mobile Application Design, and Video Game Development.

My primary goal is to create cool, new stories and stuff that people will enjoy (while staying healthy and having fun in the process). The tutorials and resources on this site were created with the purpose of teaching others to do the same.

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Header Images & Backgrounds in WordPress

Header Images & Backgrounds in WordPress
September 5, 2017 wfire3

A video about adding a cool Header Image and changing the Background of your website! A header image can be the single most defining impression of your WordPress visitors who happen to stumble upon it (especially if you are creating your own materials and content), so you`re going to want to make sure that you pick something good and flashy that will attract attention and keep people engaged once they hit your home page.

This video tutorial will show you how to set one up.


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