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Warfare Field Operations Commander Zinjin

Warfare Field Operations Commander Zinjin

The Team Commander


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The main protagonist of the CDULO storyline, Zinjin was born a mutant in the midst of the Genetic Wars. His father was human, his mother was a Bio-gen.

Strong, fearless, cunning, and pure of heart, he was recruited by Admiral J. Lyons and joined the C.D.U.L.O (COBRA) in their war against the Shi’aki during their first invasion. There, he proved to be a valuable asset on any interplanetary battlefield. Highly intelligent and tactical, Zinjin`s mutant ability to recover from most serious injuries and his aggressive fighting skills give him the ability to hold his own against most alien threats. Within the team, only Dozer and Black wolf can match him in strength. However, Zinjin also possesses the secret ability to temporarily “Boost Up” or physically accelerate himself by altering his perception of reality for limited periods of time.


Zinjin is an expert with any weapon, including guns and explosives, but he prefers the Terrax Assassination Blade that he retrieved during one of his battles on Wayllear Prime. Although he has been in command of many teams, Zinjin prefers to be by himself most of the time and keeps very little company around. The exceptions are his best friend, Corey, and the rest of Team Ashura who not only respect him for his battle prowess and loyalty, but also his strong leadership.


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