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Vincent Stone – Character Bio

Vincent Character Bio

Name: Vincent STONE
Age: 30
Affiliation: None

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Vince is a self-taught expert in many different forms of martial arts as well as weapon design and engineering. He is very smart and cunning and can outthink just about any opponent.


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When he was still a child, Vince`s parents were captured and executed in front of his very eyes by remnants of the Shi’aki Empire. He and his older sister, Michelle, were taken to a Shi’aki concentration camp located in Northern Siberia where the two were forced to dispose of the bodies of the many people the Shi’aki had killed. He was there until the age of seven.

Vince`s life changed drastically when one day a camp riot broke out between the inmates of the camp. Thinking quickly he and his sister, along with some of the other inmates, attempted to escape the camp. The guards were on them in seconds.

While running Vince’s sister was wounded. Of the nearly fifty escapees, not one stopped to help her. Unwilling to leave his sister behind, Vince bravely attempted to defend her from the ruthless guards. However, although unusually strong, quick, and agile for his age, he was no match for the five guards and was seriously injured in the fight. Michelle, being somewhat of a proficient fighter and an expert in the Brazilian art of Capoeira, savagely attacked the five guards.

Although mortally wounded, the young girl was able to fight just enough to protect her beloved brother. Another escapee stopped to help out but he too was seriously wounded in the fight. With more guards on the way, Michelle instructed the older man to take care of her brother and urged them to escape while they could. With one final kiss good-bye and a reassuring smile, the dying girl turned to face the three oncoming guards determined to protect her brother to the last. She did.

Vince fought wildly to free himself from the older man’s grasp as he watched his sister bravely fight and die to protect him.  The older man carried the young boy kicking and screaming from the camp. The one remaining guard pursued them for over an hour. Finally, the old man, being weak and exhausted from loss of blood couldn’t continue. He told the young boy to leave him. Enraged, Vince ignored the old man’s instructions and using his unusually keen intellect, caught the pursuing guard in an ambush and killed him by beating him to death with a large rock. When he returned to where he had left the old man, he found that he had already died. With no one to love and nowhere to go, for the first time in his life, Vince found himself completely alone in a harsh world full of strangers.

He knew where the other escapees were headed. They were headed east towards the nearest city. It would be a long trip and because of the harsh environment in which they were in, many of them would not survive. He caught up to them and traveled with the group for a total of two days. However, feeling a burning in his veins, Vince, for some odd reason felt compelled to leave the group and head in his own direction. He did so the very next day heading south through the mountains.

For three months he wandered the cold Siberian tundra, his wits, determination, and sheer cunning the only thing keeping him alive in the relentless sub-zero climates. Eventually, he found his way into a large wooded area where he decided to set up a camp. Surprisingly, the area had many natural resources and different forms of wildlife. Because It was surrounded by mountains and barely visible from the air, the Shi’aki had never really taken notice of it. He lived there for 1 year.

Fueled by vengeance, Vince vowed to avenge his family for their murder at the hands of the Shi’aki. Always hungry for knowledge, he was fortunate to run across an old military base buried deep in the side of one of the mountains. The base was a library of tools and knowledge. Seemingly deserted for centuries, Vince decided that this would be a good place to plan his revenge. He lived there undisturbed for an additional 8 years of training and studying.

Gifted with an unusually high I.Q. and a near-photographic memory he also became a self-taught expert in biomechanics, explosives, chemistry, special effects, electrical system and computer engineering, and weapons design.   Finding an old weapons testing facility beneath the base, which was used to build and test an old design of mechanized soldiers, Vince set to work bringing the place back up online.  Once completed, he turned the six mechs he found still intact into formidable sparring partners complete with fighting experience and a large arsenal of weaponry.

Using these mechs to sharpen his fighting skills, he began to develop his own unique fighting style composed of many various techniques, hence becoming a very brutal, lethally devastating, and almost unbeatable opponent. He also began to design his own arsenal of weapons which he was going to use in his revenge against the Shi’aki. He eventually had to leave the area after his hideout was discovered by a wandering Shi’aki patrol. After easily dispatching the rover, He blew the base and once again headed south towards the desert.

Feeling that his training was complete, Vince strategically began to locate and stage solo raids on the secret Shi’aki military installations. His attacks were so devastating to their cause that the Shi`aki put a bounty of twenty-thousand quintares on his head for anyone who brings him in, dead

A walking shadow, Vince is well known for his fierce way of fighting, cunning, resourcefulness, ability to out-think any opponent and ability to infiltrate almost any establishment virtually undetected. His reflexes are unmatched. Even so, he still has no clue as to the real extent of the power he possesses.

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