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Project Wild FIRE: Expanded Universe

Project Wild FIRE: Expanded Universe
July 2, 2017 wfire3

Welcome to our WildFIRE Expanded Universe Page!

Project WildFIRE  is a series of online and mobile application media projects based on the sci-fi/action novel “WildFIRE: Legend of the Ryukage” (available on the U.S. iTunes Store), which includes a series of mobile games, original online comics, an online animated series, and a few short films which are currently in production. This page is designed to give you an in-depth look at each component of the project development. However, each of the projects listed on this page will also be used as a basis for our online tutorials and training materials to help you get started producing & raise funding for your own original creative works! 🙂

Click the titles below to open or close each component of the project. Also, check out our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Video for “The Ryukage” comic series!









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I. WildFIRE: Spell-Jammer Blitz ( Mobile Game ) - Sequel to the novel

A fast-paced interactive 2D action-RPG-shooter, currently being developed in Unity 5, Blitz serves as a sequel to both our “Ryukage” comic series as well as the first book “WildFIRE: Prelude to Destruction” and immediately picks up where the first book left off after being split into 3 different Epilogues that follow the adventures of the main characters.

Read the Epilogues here!

* WildFIRE: L.o.R  – Epilogue RED ( Alex`s Story )

* WildFIRE: L.o.R  – Epilogue BLUE (Shannon`s Story )

* WildFIRE: L.o.R. – Epilogue BLACK ( Vincent`s Story ) 


Prepare to be amazed!

In the meantime, you can download our free WildFIRE: SJ Blitz Sticker Pack for iPhone Messenger HERE from the App Store!


II. The Ryukage (Online Comic Series) - Novel Prequel

Read Online HERE!

The Ryukage is a new 26 issue, dark online comic book series written by Walter S. Ragland and drawn by Keith Gutierrez. The story explores the mysterious origins of Ryukage, beginning with the ancient demonic curse placed upon the six beautiful daughters of ronin samurai Hitoshi Morita. Hunted relentlessly by the demons, the girls eventually enlist the help of a wandering band of warrior monks – each wielding the power of elemental magic, to aid them in their battle against the merciless forces of evil emerging from the 13 demon gates in Japan.

Drawing from the rich contexts of Japanese historical figures and mythology; this story has a ton of hard-hitting martial arts action, suspense, blood, gore, and romance with each frame beautifully drawn and colored by our artist to give each reader total immersion into the storyline as they watch it unfold.


III. C.D.U.L.O. - The Outer Rim ( Flash Animated YouTube Series) - Novel-based side story

This planned 50-episode short animated TV series focuses on the otherworldly adventures of Zinjin and his super-elite team of soldiers as they seek to located and infiltrate the mysterious Shi`aki home-world hidden somewhere beyond the Outer Rim of Attraxian space.


The events of this series take place between Chapters 3 and 4 of “WildFIRE: L.O.R. – Book 1, Vol. 1” and explains some of the events leading up to the legendary “Zinjin Attack” at the Battle of Ephinox – so you won`t want to miss it!

IV. Wild FIRE: Card Battle Game ( Based on the Ryukage Comic Series )

Based on The RYUKAGE Comic Series, this game is guaranteed to give you hours of non-stop, heavy-hitting fun!

Join one of the 5 mystical Ryukage Clans in their quest to protect the Star Heart from a powerful evil. Travel from village to village and challenge each of the clans to battles in order to gain not only points but the experience and skills needed to face this evil and fulfill your destiny! The ultimate battle awaits

cbGame3 cbGame2 cbGame1

Board Game includes:

* A4 sized laminated playing board (x1)
1 deck of playing cards ( 185 card set )
* Game Play Manual (printed version)
2 playing dice
20 colored playing stones (representing each clan)

V. Wild FIRE: Prelude To Destruction (Screenplay ) - Based on the Novel

A sci-fi/action screenplay adaptation of WildFIRE: L.o.R. Book 1: Volume 1+ that is currently in development.

Click HERE to read the screenplay!

VI. WildFIRE: Legend of the Ryukage ( 6-Volume Novel Series)



Download from the iTunes Store!

Visit the website here >>

The series follows the adventures of the descendants of the original Ryukage Clan members into a distant cyberpunk future where the might of ancient elemental & holy magic must face off against intergalactic wars, demons, mechanized super-soldiers, and high-tech alien weaponry.

Plot Summary:

It is the year 3045.

Approximately 300 years ago, Earth and the other planets in the Attraxian Planetary Council found themselves in a desperate struggle to survive against an alien race of seemingly endless power. They called themselves the Shi’aki. No one knew who they were or where they came from but their objectives were clear and simple, total galactic domination and the destruction of all civilizations therein.

The Great War raged for 15 long, hard years. Many lives were lost. Although the C.D.U.L.Omanaged to slow down the Shi’aki conquest it was clear that they were only postponing the inevitable. The sheer power of the Shi’aki forces and their cutting-edge technology gave them a distinct and lethal advantage. They soon overran the Attraxian forces.

The aliens fought their way into our solar system and began to infiltrate the Earth’s planetary defenses while setting up their own bases and termination camps for the prisoners they managed to capture. They ruthlessly slaughtered anyone who got in their way. No one escaped their wrath.

For the first time in history, mankind was on the brink of total extinction. Then one day it all came to an end. A being of immense power appeared, rising like a phoenix from the ashes to save our world. In one fell swoop, he destroyed the entire Shi’aki fleet as well as most of their military establishments here on Earth. Although he died in the battle which followed, he managed to cripple the alien’s mother ship so severely that the Shi’aki were forced to retreat from our galaxy. No one had heard from them since…. Until recently.

Now, three centuries after the Great Wars, an old enemy has resurfaced to once again haunt mankind. Although most of the Earth-based military installations were destroyed during the wars a few hidden bases and the termination camps still remained. Having kept a low profile for the past 200 years, Shi’aki activity on Earth, as well as many other planets in the galaxy, has begun to increase rapidly in the last century.

With the disbanding of the Attraxian Planetary Council and the dismembering of the Cobra Defense Units there is no one left to formally oppose the Shi’aki conquest in a world full of chaos and confusion. While there are a few factions and underground rebellions that do fight against the Shi’aki, it is still not enough to keep the cancer from spreading. Once again mankind finds himself in a race for survival against an unbeatable enemy.

Time is running out……….






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