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How to Draw Storyboards For Beginners #1 – (Messy) Speed Sketching Challenge

How to Draw Storyboards For Beginners #1 – (Messy) Speed Sketching Challenge
February 23, 2020 wfire3

Learn How To Draw Storyboards by practicing a few basic drawing skills that will help you start visualizing your ideas while getting them down on paper.

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Storyboard Drawing Practice For Beginners #1 – (Messy) Speed Sketching Challenge


Speed Sketching is a great drawing exercise for animation and game design beginners because it helps you learn to quickly take note of key environmental elements that you may want to include in your scenes as well as camera angles and potential lighting.

Another good point of practicing this technique is you can quickly get some great ideas for natural environments, surrounding areas, and people poses or expressions that you may not have considered adding to your scene, so there are actually many advantages to this style of training which are covered below.

How Does It Work?

The main thing that you`ll need to do is grab a pen, a notebook, or your tablet PC and head out to any random destination that you can feel comfortable spending a few minutes at.  Coffee shops, on the train, outside venues, and libraries are fine; but any location will generally work.


The Tools Of The Trade.

The tools that I`m using in the above video are:

* iPad Air 2 (2017 model) – I bought this 2nd hand from a reseller.
* Sketchbook Pro App 
* Wacom Bamboo Fineline Stylus Pen (but any stylus will work)

Apps such as Procreate, Paper by 53, and Adobe Photoshop Sketch also work just as well.


The Objective.

The key point of this training is to keep your sketches loose, fast (you`re looking for a 5 ~ 10 minute completion time for each sketch) and most importantly, keep the drawings MESSY (at least in the very beginning).

You`re not too worried about fine details right now because you`re simply walking into an environment, grabbing a cup of coffee, and trying to capture all of the main elements that make up the overall unique look and feel of the environment you are drawing (before you finish your drink).


Why It Works.

The reason that this method of practice is so effective when it comes to helping you quickly draw the key elements of what you visualize is simple; Environements are dynamic and thay always change. A coffee shop can quickly go from 1 ~ 2 customers sitting around drinking coffee to over 30 customers in the blink of an eye. Also, even when sitting, humans have a bad habit of, well, moving… Unlike the rest of the environment, they are not static so they`ll be constandtly changing the scene, and relocating objects (chairs, tables, purses, coats) within it on a random and unpredictable basis.

That means that you`ll need to train yourself to define, locate, and draw the key elements of objects and human postures or poses before they change or people leave the environment.

It also means that if an object or pose does indeed change while you`re in the middle of drawing, you may have to learn to improvise the rest of the sketch by using the information you can remember or even better creating something completely new that did not necessarily exist in it before.


This is perfect for animation beginners who may tend to focus too much on the fine details of small or unimportant objects at first only to find themselves spending way too much time on a project without actually completing anything or really capturing the feel of the environment. Being messy will help you to relax and speed up your concept sketching process without becoming frustrated. 

Keeping your designs messy gives you a lot of freedom to edit things, play around with changing clothing or facial expressions, or add different non-existent people, elements to the scene you are planning to animate, without too much commitment to the design process at the moment. That`s imporant for beginning to develop your own mental visualizations of the the scene.

Plus, it`s actually a lot of fun! So enjoy playing with this process and challenge youself to see how many random environment drawings or people you can speed sketch per week.

You`ll really start to see some improvements to your overall art skills and a significant decrease in your actual drawing times, even when doing moe detailed work so I really hope this helps.

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