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The Red Dragon Clan (RDC)

A group of Shi’aki sympathetics, the RDC is a major interplanetary criminal network that formally opposes the AttraxianPlanetaryy Council. They work directly for the Shi’aki and do all of the Shi’aki’s dirty work while the Shi’aki themselves remain hidden. As a reward for their services, the Shi’aki give them advanced technology to help them in their activities.

Upon joining the RDC, most members are infused with a very high tech form of Shi’aki designed nano-technology. Once infused with this technology, RDC members can use it at will to transform themselves into heavily armored super-soldiers with a vast arsenal of deadly weaponry.

When first infused with this technology, upon the first power-up, each soldier’s battle armor automatically crafts itself to its master’s mental pattern making it custom-designed for them to use. The stronger the mental pattern, the stronger the armor. It also upgrades itself based on the wear’s battle experience.

These soldiers are very lethal fighters and can take unusual amounts of damage. They can also fire high impact energy and solid ammo projectiles. Most of them can also fly. In the Shi’aki’s absence, the RDC is the Council’s main thorn.

Old RDC Clan Artwork - 2006


RDC – “Fight To Win!” Hoodie


RDC – “Making A Point” Drinking Mug


RDC – “Making A Point” Hoodie


RDC – “Delivered With Love” Hoodie