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New Story Artwork for QotGW!

New Story Artwork for QotGW!
June 13, 2020 wfire3

Hi all!

2020 has been a very strange and hectic year so far, but I hope that you are all safe and doing well. Since we won`t be relocating back to America at this time and will continue our work from Tokyo, Japan, we have gone back to updating and building on our old game projects.

“Quest of the Gummy Witch”, which started out as a fun programming and graphic design products for my kids last summer has now developed into full-blown story mode which we are now incorporating into the current game with cutscenes and the works. You can look forward to new artwork and updated (possibly animated) cutscenes in our upcoming version, but for now, here are some samples of new pinup art, created by myself and the kids!


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