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Wild FIRE: L.o.R. – Epilogue BLACK

Wild FIRE: L.o.R. – Epilogue BLACK
July 7, 2017 wfire3
Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of violence.
Warning: The author has noted that this contains strong language.
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After the last mission, Vince finds himself separated from Alex, Shannon, and the rest of his team while fighting for his life in a very unusual place!


A vortex of lightning flashed in an alleyway, stirring up a flurry of dust and abandoned newspapers in what was now known as New Manhattan. As the time rift began to close, two bodies fell through it and slammed roughly into the huge pile of garbage below. Vince immediately scrambled to his feet, but he was in very bad shape. He was cut, bruised, and bleeding from everywhere and could barely even stand.

Although he couldn’t really remember what took place after the blast back at the base, he and the Hunter had been locked in battle for a seemingly endless amount of time. Unfortunately for him, the Hunter was clearly winning this particular battle. Vince’s body was shaking and it felt as though his entire soul had been turned inside out. Shaking his head, he forced himself to focus on the task at hand as the Hunter sprang to its feet and once again charged into him.

Grabbing him by the throat, the Hunter slammed him headfirst through a nearby alley wall before slinging him like a rag doll into the wall on the other side. Vince smacked into the wall in a completely upside-down position before falling into the pile of garbage below. Fortunately, the bags of trash broke his fall.

The Hunter leaped into the air and came crashing down on top of him while planting a heavy heel into his stomach. The blow knocked the wind out of him, but Vince managed to capture the alien’s foot in the process. Kipping his body backward, Vince kicked the Hunter squarely in its armored chin before rolling to his feet with the alien’s leg still in his grasp. Using brute strength, he slung the alien by its leg and threw it headfirst into a wall. Payback.

Recovering quickly, the Hunter charged him again. Having no time to locate either of his blades, which were no doubt buried somewhere under the heaps of garbage in the alley, Vince had to rely solely on his fist to beat back the Hunter’s attack.

The battle between them raged for more than a few more minutes as both of them exchanged blow for blow. The Hunter still had a slight advantage due to the long blades on its elbows, but its bulky form made it hard for the cybernetically enhanced soldier to maneuver in the somewhat confined space. This gave Vince a lethal edge.

Dodging a vicious straight kick from the alien’s left foot, Vince watched as the foot punctured deep into the alley wall before spinning his body around the attack and countering with a crushing backhand to the Hunter’s unprotected face. Seeing an opening, he aimed a hard stomping heel kick to the alien’s exposed right knee, concaving it backward with a sickening crunch.

The Hunter seemed not to notice that its leg was broken and immediately tried to decapitate Vince with the blade on its right elbow. Flipping with the attack, Vince caught the alien with a hard capoeira-style cartwheel kick to the face with his right heel which sent it staggering backward. This he quickly followed up with a vicious spinning cyclone kick to the Hunter’s face with his right leg followed by a hard capoeira-style spinning back roundhouse kick with his left, before finishing the combo with a punishing straight right side kick to the chin. The Hunter flew backward into the wall from the force of the attack. However, the alien was far from finished.

Raising its left arm, the Hunter fired a deadly blast of blue energy from the palm of its hand. Ducking below the attack, Vince instinctively reached into his right boot and found that there was one throwing knife remaining. The Hunter once again fired at him. Rolling to his right, Vince avoided the deadly ray of energy while simultaneously flinging the blade in his hand into his enemy’s left eye. For the first time since their long battle began, the alien screamed in pain.

Rolling to his feet, Vince accidentally slipped on a garbage bag and fell backward. He was trying to get back to his feet when his right hand came across a razor-sharp object buried beneath the garbage. It was one of the blades to his combo sword!

Saved by a very timely stroke of luck, Vince picked the weapon up just in time to deflect the Hunter’s deadly elbow blades as it once again charged into him. Even with a broken leg, the monster could still move with undefined speed.

The Hunter continued to press its fierce onslaught, pushing Vince towards the alley’s back wall. Vince knew that he would be cornered if he ever managed to get pushed back to that point. It took everything he had just to deflect the alien’s blades. He was completely exhausted. He would have to make this quick.

Dodging yet another slash, Vince executed a series of back handsprings as his enemy closed in on him. Thinking that it finally had him cornered, the Hunter once again raised its arm and fired its destructive hand blast.

Somersaulting backward, Vince placed his feet up against the alley’s back wall and used it to catapult himself from the back of the alley to the left wall and over the bolt of blue energy just seconds before the blast impacted.

Reaching the second wall, he used the same technique to vault himself over the Hunter’s head while twirling his body in the air and using the sword in his right hand to slash deep into the alien’s armored neck as he passed above its head.

Tucking his legs, this allowed his body to fall into a tight front somersault while using the blade to slash deep into his enemy’s armored back in a rising motion. Landing on his feet, he completed the technique by spinning around and grabbing the alien by the forehead and stabbing the blade straight through its back. This fight was finished.

A few minutes later, Vince slowly emerged from the alley clutching his enemy’s severed head and spinal cord in his right hand before flinging it roughly into a nearby garbage can in disgust. The sword was once again properly sheathed on his back. Completely worn out, He placed his back against the wall and sank into a sitting position, panting for breath. That was close.

His thoughts were a blur and his body ached all over. He was bleeding everywhere. He had won, but it would take days to repair the damage that he had sustained from the battle. However, upon opening his eyes, he realized that that was least of his concerns at the moment.

Looking about, he noticed for the very first time that he was in a huge and beautiful city surrounded by buildings and streets. He had never seen anything like it in his life.

“What the…?” Vince started, quickly forcing himself to his feet despite the intense pain his body was enduring. He was completely mesmerized by the scene. On the streets literally hundreds of people walked casually by him, seemingly completely unaware of his presence. What is this place? he thought to himself, unsure of exactly what to do or think.

Just then a taxi flew overhead and blared its horn, effectively shaking him from his trance. Thousands of airborne automobiles hovered busily in the night sky above. Glancing around, Vince ripped the top off of a nearby garbage can that was stuffed full of printed papers. Rummaging through them, he quickly found what he was looking for. It was a newspaper. The title read ‘The Attraxian Times’. The date on it read ‘January 3, 2911’.

`2911! How the hell?` Vince thought to himself as a brief sense of panic swept over him before he managed to gain control over his emotions. “This can’t be right. Can it? Think…” he said to himself, closing his eyes.

As far as he could remember, he and the Hunter had been fighting while Alex and the rest of his team were trying to escape the base in Area 41. He remembered a huge explosion, but nothing that happened during that sequence of events could even come close to explaining how he had wound up in such a strange and mysterious place. Unless…

`A time portal`, he thought to himself, recalling the swirling blue pool of mysterious energy that he and the Hunter had been fighting in front of at the time of the blast. “That has to be it. I must’ve gotten blown through it when that damn tank locked on to us. The question is, how do I get back?” he reasoned. For him, that meant two things.

One, that meant that if he made it back here in one piece, whatever the Shi’aki had been sending here before him had probably also made it here intact as well. The easiest way for him to find out how he had wound up here was to track them down and see exactly what they were up to. Not an easy task given he had no clue as to where he was, but at least it was a starting point.

Two, that also meant that unless he found another way to get back to his own time period, he was stuck here. Not that it really mattered. Actually, he wasn’t even sure if he really wanted to go back to his own time period. He had no family and very few friends so it was highly likely that no one would even miss him, except for the major and maybe Shannon.

For some reason, he had started to pick up on a slight connection forming between them. He had never really allowed himself to get attached to anyone after his sister’s death. But for some reason she was different. If there was anyone that he was going to miss in that world, it was her; although he couldn’t explain why.

A deep sense of sorrow began to well up inside of him as the thought of not seeing her again slowly began to hit home. He didn’t know why it bothered him so much. Maybe he was getting soft. Even Naomi and Dutch had started to work their way into him a little bit. Maybe it was because he felt responsible for them for some reason. He wished that he could see them again.

As for Alex, he was a completely different story. Although Vince neither liked him nor disliked him, he had started to develop a sense of warrior’s respect for him. He was going to miss him a little bit. Hope those guys made it out of there ok, he thought to himself, saying a quick prayer for their safe return back to Octagon.

Looking down at his arm, he noticed for the first time he was bleeding all over the place from multiple wounds. Just then, it began to rain. Spying an old and worn rain parka in one of the garbage cans, Vince removed it and slung it across his head and shoulders. The last thing he needed right now was to draw any more unnecessary attention to himself. The fight with the Hunter had taken a lot out of him.

Right now the only thing keeping him on his feet was his curiosity as to exactly how he had wound up in such a strange predicament. However, he knew that he was too exhausted to continue this way for much longer. He needed to find a place to hole up so that his wounds could heal. Maybe then he could start to make more sense of all this.

Vince was a genius. During his childhood, he had self-studied almost every subject imaginable as he had trained his mind and body to single-handedly wage war on the Shi’aki.

While he was living in the abandoned COBRA base he had found when he was young, he often studied the base’s historical records in an attempt to find out more about the Shi’aki and where they came from so that he could hopefully find a common weakness that would aid him in wiping them out. During his research, he learned a lot of things about the old world and how things had progressed before the Great Catastrophe. There was little information after that.

Thinking about the date on the newspaper, his memory recalled a lot of vital information he needed to know about this particular time period. Besides his unusual strength and agility, and superior intellect to most people, Vince was also very cunning and could learn to adapt himself to any situation. That was what made him dangerous.

He needed three things; first was a place to rest while his healing factor could repair the damage to his body. He was losing blood fast and needed to find shelter from the rain. Second, was a way to find out where the Shi’aki had gone and what exactly they were up to. He would decide what to do about getting back to his own time period later after he put the Shi’aki to rest once and for all.

From his point of view, this place was as good of a place as any to continue taking his revenge on them. Besides that, it seemed to have a lot more to offer in the way of technology and energy sources than his time period had. That would definitely give him an edge. Maybe staying here wouldn’t be so bad after all, but he would miss Shannon.

Watching someone purchasing something in a store across the street, he remembered that the third thing he needed was money. This time period still had a functional economic and currency system. He highly doubted that anyone here would give him anything for free based solely on his good looks, especially not in his current condition. He would have to figure out exactly how the currency system here worked later, but for now, what he needed was something to get himself started.

Spying a wealthy-looking man in a business suit, Vince made his approach. The man seemed to be paying him very little attention. Bumping into him, Vince apologized respectfully while locating the wallet in his back pants pocket and removing it along with the blaster on his right thigh before slowly making his way down the street. It wouldn’t take him long to get used to his new surroundings and once he did, the hunt would commence…

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