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Why DragonBall Super will become a Dragonball Xenoverse anime!

Why DragonBall Super will become a Dragonball Xenoverse anime!
July 18, 2017 wfire3
Dragonball Super

Ok, so this is the deal… I think that Dragon Ball Super is basically a series designed to introduce a crossover into the video game DragonBall Xeonoverse series. Hear me out and it should make sense.

1) Zeno. I think this little dude is pretty much like the top god of destruction. We`ve never seen him create anything, just destroy. when it wiped but the universe of Goku Black and Zamus, he didn`t create anything else to replace it, just left it a white space (which I`ll tell you the relevance of later). But if you destroy, something must be created to maintain a balance. We`re not sure if Zeno can create… but we know his father, the Great Priest, can. That`s why Zeno isn`t creating the battle arena himself – because maybe he can`t.

2) Zeno`s actual name. It`s spelled “Zeno” in the TV version for some reason, but it could also be spelled “Xeno” as in “Xenoverse. Also, notice that his clothing pattern forms an “X” across his body if you look closely enough.

3) Future Trunks – I think he and future Mai are actually 2 of the biggest elements to support this theory! Remember how Beerus and Whis were always warning Trunks that time travel was taboo and that there would be consequences? Well, we have yet to see what those consequences are. I think that the universes used to be one, until Trunks and Cell started traveling through time and created a sort of DC-style “Flashpoint” for the Dragonball Universe, causing them to split into the current multiverse. This may be all Trunks` fault… …which for anyone who has played the Xenoverse games, would actually make sense because Trunks is the main “Timecop” in that game. But how does he become a time cop in that universe? Well… Remember when Zeno-sama wipes out his future universe and left it a blank space while destroying Zamus? That means that Future trunks and Mai had no universe to travel back to OR the universe was “Blank… But they went back to the future anyway… with nothing but the housing and technology that Bulma sent with him. Basically, Trunks and Mai became the “Adam and Eve” of the new universe where Zeno didn`t exist (because he`s playing with his counterpart in the current universe). So Future Trunks and Mai basically live in a universe outside of Zeno AND still have access to time travel equipment AND Bulma`s technology to create an entire city! Xenoverse city, where they basically can sit outside of time, watch it and collect strong fighters from different times in the multiverse in order to try and fix things. Also, if you`ll notice, Trunks` default clothing colors closely resemble those of the angels (blue & orange) throughout the DBZ and DB Super series?

4) Son Goku – If you`ll notice, the main plot in the Xenoverse games is that people are trying to stop/kill son Goku for some reason. They seem to generally hate/fear him enough to feel the need to “erase him” from history. That means that he must have done something that has a HUGE impact across the multiverses OR maybe he`s the only one in the multiverse who can stop a certain evil – so the bad guys need to eliminate him. Which Future Trunks knows and is trying to avoid. But if you look at the way the other universes are treating Goku now because of his decision to create the tournament of power where universes are getting erased, then it makes sense that people WOULD hate him and consider him to be a dangerous threat to be eliminated, just like in Xenoverse. Goku`s clothes also use the same colors (blue and orange – like Future Trunks) at the end of DBZ for some reason when he`s fighting Uub and beyond – meaning that perhaps he and trunks were trained/assigned by an angel (probably Whis) to do something after the end of Dragonball Super.

5) I think the “Great Priest” and angel`s (except Whis) may be planning to reunite all of the universes into one with him being the leader but Goku is the only one who can stop him. I think that the Great Priest was waiting for 2 Zenos to appear in one universe because it would create some type of opportunity or chance for him to exploit in order to overthrow him. I don`t think that Whis supports this, so that`s why he`s been training Goku & Vegeta as a countermeasure (which none of the other angels have ever done). Once the Grand Priest gets rid of Zeno and creates the Xenoverse, then I think Whis will begin his revolt (but the other angels will join his father`s side), so Goku and the rest of the DBZ crew will be facing off against them in order to restore time, balance the universe, etc… Since time travel plays a major factor in the Xenoverse game, if Goku and Vegeta prove to be too strong with their SS Blue God powers, then the only logical step would be to try going back in time and kill them before they obtain it (without directly involving yourself, lest you change your own future or erase your own existence if they kill you instead). Which Whis and Trunks are preventing by recruiting other strong warriors from other times and universes to support them. That`s why the TV show is giving us a glimpse of “other universes”, “other strong races”, and “other saiyans” via the tournament of power”, to start prepping us for the arrival of races and characters from the Xenoverse world.

6) And finally… Marketing! If you think about it, he DBZ merchandise universe has always been pretty thin. Sure they have a lot of stuff and you can find it everywhere, but when it comes to actual characters, everybody really only cares about Goku, Vegeta, Piccalo and Freeza… The other characters lost favoritism and popularity through DBZ and the silly DBGT because Goku and Vegeta were basically too overpowered and eclipsed everyone else… Even Gohan and Trunks don`t really sell that much merchandise because they are thought of as “sloppy seconds”. Although DBGT was a failure in every other sense of the word, it did bring us one cool thing… “Super Saiyan 4″, which up until Beerus showed up, was basically the pinnacle of Saiyan power evolution” for the past 20 years. Bandai Namco finally realized that they screwed themselves with that one because SS4 in the Dragonball GT universe was a dead-end. so they created Dragonball Super specifically to retcon DBGT and overwrite SS4 as being the top level by introducing new characters and power levels to surpass SS4, save the Dragonballs from destruction/fading away by being absorbed into Goku at the end of GT and greatly expand the DB universe – which is what everyone was waiting for! Bandai Namco has been pouring a lot of time and resources into expanding Dragonball over the past few years with the Dragonball Xenoverse and Dragonball Heroes games, but until DB Super, there was no way for them to actually TIE either of those games to DBZ or DBGT. It was impossible. so they had to go back and insert something that would do that and kill GT at the same time, hence… Dragonball Super. So I think DB Super will almost 95% spin off into DB Xenoverse at the end of this TV series It just makes sense and seems like the next logical step to me…


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