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Replacing Your Own MacBook Air Battery!

Replacing Your Own MacBook Air Battery!
April 5, 2019 wfire3

Learn how to repair your own MacBook Air by easily replacing a broken/malfunctioning battery.

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This video works for late MacBook Air models around 2012 – 2015. The link to the battery that I bought on Amazon Japan is listed below and works for the following models. I`ve also included a link to the U.S. Amazon store options. Apple MacBook Air 13 Inch – A1405 – A1466 – A1496 – A1377

— Links Amazon.co.jp SLODA MacBook

Air Battery – https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B…
Amazon U.S. Store batteries – https://www.amazon.com/s?k=macbook+ai…

— Gear Used In This Video

* MacBook Air 13″, Late 2012 model A1466 * SLODA MacBook Air Replacement Battery –

– Replacing Your Own MacBook Air Battery! —

While the earlier version MacBook Air computers still tend to be quite reliable by today`s standards, you may eventually start running into problems with your battery due to the life expectancy of the part. Instead of running out and buying a new Mac, it might be much faster, easier and cheaper to just replace your own battery by ordering one on Amazon. The process is fairly straightforward and simple for anyone to do. You just need the right tools.

Also, this method is highly recommended if your MacBook Air is over warranty or beyond the 3-year Apple Care Plan coverage. If your Mac is still covered by Apple Care, I would recommend just taking it to the Apple Store for a battery replacement. For those of you without Apple Care, this is the route to go!

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