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Code Geass: Resurrection (Movie Review)

Code Geass: Resurrection (Movie Review)
February 22, 2019 wfire3

Just watched Code Geass: Resurrection this past week. I`ve actually been waiting for them to do something with this series for a very long time, ever since the ending of the first Code Geass anime series, which I must admit, had one of the most touching, noble and heartbreaking endings that I have seen in anime so far. So I was pretty excited when I heard that they would be releasing a new movie this year that picked up where the previous story had left off.

Overall, I think that this latest entry is a perfect setup for any new series that the production crew might be (is surely) planning! I will explain why after I`ve given my review of the movie.

***** SPOILERS for the previous anime *****

If you didn`t see the end of the previous anime, Lelouch (the main protagonist of the story) actually dies at the end of the series as part of his meticulously calculated final strategy to end the wars and bring together the world by taking it upon himself to become the ultimate evil that all nations must unite to defeat. He is killed by his best friend, Isaku in front of a crowded street f spectators including his little sister and his former friends/allies in the Black Knights.


*** Review ***

I think that they did a fairly good job on this film in most areas. The pacing was a little slow at the very beginning due to a certain status and mental condition of the main protagonist. That was a bit annoying because, while understandable and central to the plotline at the beginning, his freakish outcries did seem to drag on for a bit too long past the 20-minute mark of the film.

Also, it did seem that they were trying to pack a little too much plot/side plot into this new movie as a way of setting up potential sequels (or perhaps even a new anime series that might already be in the works). As such, while the movie doesn’t skimp on details, it also doesn’t seem to have much time to really dig into anything significant that has really been going on in the world since Lelouch`s sacrifice a few years prior – like what Zero and Nunally have been up to as well as the other Black Knights. Most of those details are just briefly mentioned in passing.

Those really my only complaint about this film so far. Otherwise, it was a good spectacle to kick off the new year of anime movies.  When the action finally did get started, it was intense and the action scenes were well-thought-out.

The main villain wasn`t really too tough in my opinion, compared to the previous series, but she did pose somewhat of a viable threat a few times even though her reasoning left much to be desired for a character of her status.

I personally think that they could have done with making her a stronger, more physically and mentally imposing character… But not too bad this time around.

A New Series???

The ending of the movie definitely suggests that the creative teams have quite a bit more in store for Lelouch in the upcoming months, so I think we may see a new anime announcement coming very soon which would be AWESOME and definitely something worth looking forward to!

But the question is, where would they take the story?

The end of this movie actually opened the floodgates to a whole new world of unanswered questions, especially about C2 and the origin of the Geass users. In this movie, we got a few quick glimpses of the “World of C”, but this movie was actually able to steer clear of revealing any of its major secrets or mechanisms that would explain where the powers of the Geass originated from or how they came to be.

I do believe that was the production team`s full intent going into this particular film. The human conflict has basically been resolved as far as we can tell and Zero is still… well… Zero. But there are a ton of mysteries and loose ends that need to be tied up regarding the World of C and the Geass users.

We were exposed to a few new Geass users in this film as well as at least one new ability that was able to give our main protagonist a run for his money and almost destroy him. It naturally begs the questions of; Which other Geass users are still out there? What are their powers? And what is the primary origin of the Geass?

I think that in the next series, we are going to see a lot more of those elements come to light. I`m also predicting that we are, unfortunately, see less of Zero and the Black Knights. Suzaku didn`t really get much attention in terms of character development in this last film. Basically, there doesn`t seem to be much left for him to do outside of continuing to carry out his sworn duties.

Also, the Black Knights, while of course being a major factor in driving the plot of the movie, don`t seem to have much going for them in terms of future conflicts or the need to rebel/suppress a rebellion any time soon. I love Kallen, but even she doesn`t really seem to have anywhere to go in the new series at this time, which is why I believe the storyline will move on to other areas and adventures without most of the old cast (at least for the time being, until they are needed again).

This might not be a bad thing. The creative team needs to keep exploring new realms and challenges instead of rehashing the whole rebels vs empire plotlines from before, so I think this potential new direction might be quite a promising thing for the future of the series… If it is handled correctly.

Either way, whatever happens to come out next, I`m pretty certain I`ll be watching it because this last movie has absolutely piqued my interest in the continuation of this series.

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