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Why Disney Should Immediately CANCEL the “Star Wars Episode 9” Dec. 2019 Release Date!

Why Disney Should Immediately CANCEL the “Star Wars Episode 9” Dec. 2019 Release Date!
October 22, 2019 wfire3

Just watched the Star Wars EP. 9 Final Official Trailer and my initial thoughts are:

Well, WOW… that was… completely underwhelming & disappointing.



I was holding onto a tiny grain of hope until I saw this. The entire trailer looks like a messy rats nest of wired concepts that are all over the place. It feels like they don’t know what they want to do with this movie except rush to end it with Rey somehow being the last one standing so that they can move on with their other plans.

We keep getting reinforced shots of her, then some of Kali, but none of the other characters seem to be doing anything significant in these trailers at all. We get a quick shot of them walking wandering around, then -> Back to Rey. We get some shots of the old nostalgic characters that we love -> then Back To Rey.

This WHOLE STORY seems to be entirely focused on her BUT we know NOTHING about her so we have NO EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT to her at all. Who is this chick and what have we seen from the previous films that would/should make us care about her or her “plight”. Until now, Disney has created nothing for us to grab on to or connect with her on an emotional level with. Just the words “Jedi”, “Skywalker”, and “Palpaltine” There’s no real struggle or character growth for her, just exponential power growth for no reason – which this new film’s entire goal seems to be trying to explain. So the rest of the cast just seems to be supporting/cameo for her.

I don’t want to see Rey and Kylo on the screen for 2 hours of a (maybe) 3 hour movie with the rest of the cast just piddling around doing bullshit tasks until they’re killed off. oR written out as a cheap plot point for Rey to get “angry about and unlock more force powers”.

And that seems to be the way this is going…

My honest advice at this point would be to



It will be a huge blow to Disney’s pride and it might be counter-intuitive to their money making plans/strategy short term, but based on what I’ve seen with the trailers so far it would probably be for the best in the long run because JJ and Disney simply CANNOT make his work at the moment and I really do think that killing this film before launch is the ONLY way to save SW and make it profitable again for future generations. Here’s why.

***** 3 Main Characters (The “Holy Trinity”) of each series *****

The original Star Wars series had at least 3 main characters/heroes for us to choose from. Not all of the kids who walked away from the theater wanted to just be Luke Skywalker. And that was the KEY POINT for the original franchise’s success.

Boys wanted to be Han or Luke. Girls wanted to be Leigh. boys wanted to DATE Leigh (I know she was my first movie crush an still is!) Black kids wanted to be Lando because he was cool a and smooth character.

Boys wanted droids and robots as companions. They wanted Wookiee and Ewoks as friends.

Everybody wanted to fly and shoot lasers in space and we all had a common event, the Evil Empire and Darth Vader (until the extended comics and books make them cooler by telling their side of the story).

The previous SW series’ gave us OPTIONS, CHOICE and a VARIETY of characters to FREELY idolize based on our own personal preferences by making everyone in the story cool and giving them some sort of motivation/purpose (until Jar Jar Binks).

That’s why SW really was for EVERYONE regardless of sex, race, country, or creed – until now.

And that’s why this new is already a failure.

At this rate Disney is going to lose a HUGE amount of money on this film and it will probably go down as the worst financial loss on a once successful franchise in film history.

That’s because they’ve been too focused on pushing/trying to get fans to like 1 or 2 characters instead of building up/making us care about the rest of the cast equally.

There are really only 2 “cool” or (somewhat positively conversation-able) characters in this entire new series. Kylo and Rey. Everyone else is either remembered negatively for doing stupid/insignificant stuff – or simply not remembered AT ALL.

Kids aren’t talking about or trying to idolize/mimic the new characters. Parents and original fans aren’t into them either because they’re not buying the merchandise for their kids. Hence low overall interest in this upcoming film/ future movie installments, the financial failure of Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge, and almost non-existent Toy Sales…

There’s a very simple reason for this.

TFA had soooo much potential with this new cast and new story. I mean the main hooks that were used to attract the fans to the new series were “DIVERSITY” and “NOSTALGIA”. That’s why Finn, Poe & Rey were main feature of the TFA movie trailers. That triangle was ESSENTIAL to the first film in this series because those 3 were supposed to be the “holy trilogy of heroes” for the new generation, just like Luke, Han , and Leigh were in the original films (only black, Latino, and another beautiful strong female – I really like Daisy Ridley, just not the way her character was written).

With this new series, kids should have left the theater wanting to BE like at least one of the 3 new characters. And it worked a bit with TFA in the beginning (even though we quickly found our that Poe and Finn’s real purpose was to be support and comic relief for the main OP Rey character in the 2nd half of the film).

Disney was off to a decent start, but then TLJ just totally destroyed everything by focusing completely on Rey’s struggle and the relationship with Kyli while regulating the other new (diverse) cast members to “insignificant silly/side quests” and not allowing them to do anything of value in the film battle-wise (and writing awful dialogue/scenarios for them).

Can anyone name ONE good, cool, or memorable thing that ANY of the new main cast members other than Rey and Kylo did in TLJ? Anything at all? I don’t think so (at least nothing that makes sense or leaves a lasting good impression). Holding did her thing, but we only met her for like 30 minutes and we never actually got to know her or care about her at all before she “lightspeed-lanced” her way to hell. That’s why there’s no impact (pun intended) for her sacrifice. We simply didn’t know her so there’s no reason to care or buy merch, toys, posters of her because in the end she was just a disposable supporting character to Rey and Kylo’s plot lines.

That’s also the root problem with the rest of the new characters.

What’s different and weird about this new series is that the rest of the cool “diverse” characters from TFA have simply and almost naturally been regulated to comic relief and support roles in the story while Rey continued to be the main focus of the actual/significant plot points as if she and Kylo are the ONLY 2 character OPTIONS that we are BEING DIRECTED to FEEL anything about.

Here’s what I mean.

*** Why we still like the original character and don`t like the new cast… ***

In Ep. 4 we actually had deep feelings for:

Luke because he was a small time farm boy with big dreams who suddenly found himself living them and dealing with consequences or his own dreams and his father’s legacy.

Leiah because she was a beautiful strong and young girl with the weight of an entire rebellion and the lives of millions on her shoulders + plus she lost her entire planet but still stayed strong and didn’t break… RESPECT!

Han because he was just trying to get by and got swept up in things that didn’t really matter to him or affect him at all. But he still did the most honorable thing by choosing to give up his easy life on the run and coming back to protect his friends in the end (even though he knew the consequences and what he was getting himself and Chewie into). He willingly passed the point of no return on his own.

In Ep 5

Luke loses his hand and finds out that his father is the root cause of all of his problems in the galaxy – Devastation or confidence and a Personality crisis to say the least – but he still stayed strong and survived.

Leiah finally gets to be able to relax and start acting like a girl instead of a leader with responsibilities that she has to handle on her own and falls in low with someone who just looks at her as someone to live and protect for who she is as a person – then immediately loses him by watching his ass get frozen in Carbonite and taken away before her very eyes

Han frozen in carbonite, loses his friends, his love and years of his life for a fight that really wasn’t his.

I won’t go into Ep. 6, which was all about acceptance or circumstances, forgiveness, and redemption for everyone involved + ending the evil empire…

The thing that made the original series so good is that we had characters that we learned to EQUALLY CARE ABOUT over the course of 3 films. The story didn’t just try to PUSH one or 2 characters and there really were no side characters because everyone in the story had a significant role (which is why characters like Baba Fett, Greedo, the Droids and even the Hutts are still popular and people are still writing Fanfiction about them till this day – they are all interesting characters even by today’s standards!)

This series only pushes Rey but we know NOTHING ABOUT HER and we haven’t had any opportunity to really grow with her because we never see her struggle enough to feel empathy for her Nothing bad ever happens to her that she can’t fix by herself…

So in the end we have to look for/hope for something interesting to happen with the other new characters in order to build an emotional connection to the new story.

Unfortunately , despite wanting to push “diversity” with a new cast, this last film still ends up being about:

REY (an invincible & infallible white girl with all of the powers and no vulnerabilities)

KYLO (a mediocre bad/good, emo white guy with a great destiny to fulfill one way or the other – probably going to die or try to “redeem himself” somehow by the end of this film. But… nobody cares about him as a character.) Besides, we still don`t know what this dude`s ACTUAL motivation for being evil and turning to the Dark Side is. Besides being a HUGE Darth Vader fanboy and wanting to honor his grandfathe, we don`t know his logic or reasoning for just wanting to turn to the Sith Path and to be honest, it just seem to be teenage angst from when he was achild. Luke *ahem* tried to kill him in his sleep *ahem*. So he just ran off and joined the first evil brigade that he could find without telling his mom or dad? Yeah… that doesn`t make sense so I really don`T feel and respect OR danger from him as a character because he just seems to be a scared and angy little boy throughout this entire series.

The Skywalker Family (key white figures in the SW universe that are supposed to be the most powerful Jedi and the keys to balance in the entire universe)

Palpaltine (the other key white figure that also holds supreme power over the universe)

Finn? (POC) Nothing of value – another side quest with no significant story value and no cool points/actions shown in the trailers. Redulared to stereotypical Black Comic Relief role even though he was shown heavily in the TFA trailers to be a major, serious player in the series for the overall story to revolve around.

Poe (POC) – Same as Finn

Chewie (WOC) – Backup dancer with no significant contributions (probably going to die)

Lando (POC) – in the movie for nostalgia’s sake. Probably won’t die or do anything significant in the film (they can’t kill him AND Han AND Luke AND Chewie AND 3PO AND the only other significant black character in the entire SW universe without completely losing the rest of their fans – so my bet is Lando lives, but just doesn’t do anything relevant in the film or contribute to the ending.

C3PO – Backup Dancer (probably going to die/be erased)

R2D2 – Backup Dancer (probably going to die/be erased/replaced by a new shiny droid that nobody has time to learn to care about)

First Order – nobody cares about them anyway right now. They have’t done anything significant except blow up some planets in the first movie and chase rebel ships in the second one. Probably going to be destroyed or killed off in this film.

Palpaltine’s NEW Empire – Here for this film, gone by the end of it. Probably quite easily destined by the rebels, Rey and Kylo in the end with little significance or effect for the overall movie. They’re a paper threat to make Palpaltine look bigger and more threatening than the frail, old, half dead old man actually is.

New characters for us to care about/latch onto after that?


Because we won’t have enough time to build any emotional connection to them, just like Rey, so naturally we WON`T be buying their toys or merchandise because there`s will be no reason for us to. These new characters have not become heroes, role models, or icons to us yet and really aren`t people that we FEEL THE NEED to inspire our kids with.

*** Why SW Ep. 9 will be the FINAL NAIL in the Star Wars coffin… ***

I can almost guarantee that nothing interesting will happen in this movie that fans will like or become emotionally invested in enough to want to buy toys & merchandise based on it because we simply haven’t had enough time to build a connection with the world or the new characters and we only keep being forced to look at Rey and Kylo so we can’t REMEMBER ANYTHING significant about the rest of the characters in that universe.

Most people just want the SW distaster to end with this film.

I don’t think JJ, Lucas, or even GOD Himself, could write his way out of this mess, so this film should be the final nail in the SW coffin and we can all move on to other things.

The ONLY way to save SW is to CANCEL Ep. 9, take a few (like 5 years) to find some new people who love (as in LIVE FOR) the original characters and the franchise to write it, and to start writing/filming back stories using the original cast and with a mixture of the new characters to SLOWLY get fans emotionally invested in the new characters and their back stories and slowly BUILD UP to a new, more comprehensible version of Episode 9.

Then we could all look forward to an epic and emotional turnover to all of the new cast members (not just Rey) and it would give Disney time to reconnect with the fans, research, find out what we like and what would get us to buy merch again (because nobody’s interested in the current shit they’re selling), and then SLOWLY start to create new designs/ideas and worlds that are appealing to old fans who would bring themselves and their kids back into the SW universe.

That’s the ONLY way to save SW now because Disney was rushing to chase the money and totally threw away the story, characters and EMOTIONAL CONNECTION to the universe in their attempt to push an SJW political agenda (to SJW people who mostly don’t buy toys and aren’t invested in the story line anyway).

The biggest mistake film history and this trailer just shows how sorry, desperate and unprepared they are for SW going forward. Everything after this is film is probably DOA and the fans won’t be interested in paying money to see it…

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