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Avengers Endgame: 2019 (Movie Review) B+

Avengers Endgame: 2019 (Movie Review) B+
April 26, 2019 wfire3

Just watched Avengers: Endgame today and I must say that this movie was EPIC! It was everything that people wanted in some ways, and disappointing in a few other areas. The movie is long and has a lot going on, so there is quite a lot to unpack, ponder and think about for the MCU going forward.

Overall, the film was a somewhat satisfying end to a long 10-year process that will be enough to satiate about 60% of the viewers. Either way, because Endgame has been a decade in the making. beginning with the first Iron Man movie back in 2008, and is one of the most ambitious and anticipated movie events in film history, it will definitely break box office records and make a lot of money, especially within it`s first few months of showing. Fans of the franchise will also want to buy the Blue Ray versions of this because the end battles are so epic and this is the film where they`ll be forced to say goodbye to some of their most beloved film characters. So I expect Blue Ray Sales of this film to be very strong for years to come after the new film is released.

The problem is, what comes after Endgame for the MCU and the uphill struggle that I believe they will be facing with the fanbase from here on out. We`ll discuss that after the initial review of this movie and why I`ve decided to give this movie a lower score. We have a lot to cover, so let`s get started!

***** SPOILER ALERT!!! *****

Yes, this review is all about SPOILERS, so if you haven`t watched the Endgame movie yet, stop reading this now!

`Nuff Said?


*** The Settings ***

Avengers: Endgame picks up 3 weeks after the events of Infinity War where many of our newer heroes got dusted by Thanos` snap. The remaining team members have been trying to figure out how to find and capture Thanos as well as the Infinity Gauntlet in hopes of reversing the snap.

The CGI in this movie was freaking AWESOME!!! Avengers: Endgame has some of the BEST CGI that I`ve seen in years (as it damn well better have). Marvel went all out on the budget for this one and didn`t seem to spare any expense this time around on the CGI budget, which all fans will agree was the smartest decision! There weren`t any real glaring mistakes that stood out to me in this one.

In regards to the movie locations, I was actually more than a little surprised that most of the movie actually took place on earth instead of in space, where a majority of the previous Infinity War movie took place. As a matter of fact, there were far fewer space scenes than I had anticipated since most of the movie dealt with time travel. Many of the scenes were based on locations that our heroes traversed or had specific plot interactions within their previous standalone movies, so there was a lot of revisiting old stomping grounds in this film, just with a fresh new perspective.

That aspect of the movie didn’t get old or seem repetitive, which is something that I believe the Russo Brothers did an amazing job on! There were no boring scenes in this movie at all!

We did get to visit space a few times in the movie with return trips to Morag (the place where Peter Quill picked up the Power Stone in the original “Guardians of the Galaxy”) Voramir (the place where Thanos killed Gamora for the Soul Stone in “Infinity War” and a new planet at the very beginning of the film where we find Thanos resting in his summer home after the snap. All of the planets and space scenes were rendered quite well and delt deeply immersive!

The visit to Asgard was a little lacking on spectacle as Thor and Rocket spent most of their time inside of the palace during their Aether heist, so we never really had time to appreciate the grandiose surroundings of Asgard in all of it`s former glory before the destruction of Ragnarok. But in this case, I think probably wasn`t necessary.

The Avengers Mansion where the final battle takes place was totally unrecognizable from the movie trailers which I thought was GREAT! I, like many fans, thought that the final confrontation would take place in space or on another planet. I was totally NOT expecting for Thanos to bring the fight straight to Earth!

With the destruction that he reigned down from the heavens effectively reducing the Avengers Mansion to nothing but rubble and no identifying landmarks in the distance, The Russos once again managed to fool us all!

Good job guys! The settings in this film were done very well, even though we didn`t get to spend a lot of time in many of them due to the amount of material that this film needed to get through within the 3-hour timeframe.

*** General Thoughts ***

While endgame isn`t anywhere near my favorite MCU film thus far due to a few elements that I personally found disappointing (which we will discuss in detail later), overall I think that this last installment of the Avengers series was a decent final entry that ended the 11-year campaign on a satisfactory note for most fans, especially those who may not be as familiar with the comics. For viewers who have mainly joined the Avengers storyline through the MCU films, Endgame is a stirring and heartfelt swan song that shouldn`t really leave anyone wanting too much more.

The movie definitely has its fair share of sad, emotional and glorious moments that will leave most audiences with their jaws gaping. Especially the first 30 minutes and the final act of the film. The cast did an AMAZING job with what they were given (even Brie Larson was somewhat likable in this film – will get into that more later as well).

But for those who are hardcore fans of the comics or were expecting a powerful ending that lives up to the media hype that has been building surrounding this film over the past few years, then I think that the movie leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Here`s why.

*** Spoiler Overview of the Plot ***

The beginning 30 minutes of this film were very good and much more intense than I had originally anticipated, which was a very GOOD thing! I expected the movie to start off very slowly with the remaining Avengers left after Thanos` snap moping around and still trying to come to terms with their failure during the events of Infinity War until a solution presented itself in the form of a returned Scott Lang (Ant-man) who managed to free himself from the Quantum Realm. With the movie being 3 hours in length, I was expecting a slow burn until we reached the climax about 2 hours later.

Fortunately, I was wrong!

This movie came out swinging from the very start and took me by surprise!

The story actually begins with Hawkey`s family getting dusted as a result of Thanos` snap.

Fast forward just a few weeks after the events of Infinity War. While Toky Stark (Iron Man) and Nebula are floating stranded in space with seemingly no hope of rescue after the battle on Thanos` homeworld of Titan, the remaining team on earth consisting of Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, War Machine, Thor, and Rocket Racoon are actively looking on damage control and trying to track down Thanos.

Captain Marvel shows up wondering what exactly happened in her absence. The rest of the team fills her in and then dispatches her on a mission to rescue Tony and Nebula from space. she flies out to their destination and tows their damaged spacecraft back to earth. Nebula is fine but Tony is much worse for the wear. He`s also quite bitter and angry at Captain America due to the events of Civil War and the fact that he not only tried to warn the team that they would be facing a more dangerous threat, but also tried his best to protect them by creating Ultron and keeping the team together and legally able to operate in the event of a crisis by signing the Sakovia Accords. From his perspective, Captain America ripped the team apart based on his personal preference of freedom to choose instead of paying attention to the real threat that they should have all faced together when it came. He believes they lost against Thanos because they were unprepared and divided, instead of standing together like Captain had promised during the events Age of Ultron.

Tony`s had enough and things that all is lost. He wants nothing to do with the Avengers anymore or their quest to find Thanos so he leaves to be with Pepper.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel suggests that they just go hunt down Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. A few of the team members point out that it would be impossible to find him, but fortunately, Nebula knows exactly where he would be (since he already told her about his retirement plan after his “work” was done). Using some calculations, the team was also able to track a second energy spike from a different planet like the one that happened on earth when Thanos first used the Infinity Stones. That confirms Thanos` location in the universe.

The team wastes no time in going after him. They jump in Rocket Racoon`s spacecraft and head off to get Thanos. Captain Marvel leads the charge where they find Thanos severely weakened, burned and injured to the point of being a non-combatant (which we`ll talk about later) when they arrive. The team easily overpowers him and Thor cuts the Infinity Gauntlet off of his arm.

They try to find the Infinity Stones, but the Gauntlet is now empty.

Thanos explains that he actually used another snap to destroy the Infinity Stones so that no one would ever be able to undo his work. This leaves the team shocked and devastated, but Thor decides to finish what he and Stormbreaker started on earth and mercilessly decapitates the Mad Titan. when asked “What did you do?” by the rest of the shocked team members, he turns around and slowly leaves the scene saying; “I went for the head”.

That was an EPIC first 30 minutes of the movie which I believe NOBODY expected at all. Most of the movie scenes that were shown in the trailers actually took place during this first part of the act. Very good misdirection by the Russo Brothers because it left me totally wondering about what could possibly happen during the remaining 2.5 hours of the film. I already expected the Quantum Realm and Time Travel, but I never expected Thanos to appear (much less be taken out/killed) this early in the film. I was satisfied with that and it increased the suspense/thrill factor of the movie by 10-fold!

The second part of the film takes place 5 years after the death of Thanos back on earth.

This is where the movie starts to actually slow down a bit. We get some pretty heart wrenching and depressing scenes of the main cast dealing with the aftermath of their second failure to reverse Thanos` snap. Most of the team have split up and gone their own ways figuring that there`s nothing they can do in order to reverse the snap.

Black Widow has been trying to track down Clint (Hawkey) due to reports of him going rogue and randomly hunting down criminals around the world in order to mercilessly kill them in the name of his own justice.

He even manages to track down and kill the uncle of Wolverine`s fiancee!

Natasha is breaking under the pressure of managing what`s left of the Avengers and trying to handle global damage control plus rising crime rates. She`s at the end of her rope, but Rody and his War Machine armor are helping out the best they can and Captain America is still around.

Captain Marvel, on the other hand, is having it quite rough as she`s been stuck running around the galaxy for the past 5 years doing the same thing Natasha`s been doing on earth by trying to quell crime and uprisings while providing support to different planets all over the universe. She`s got her hands full and is in no position to help out here on earth.

Hulk is gone for the time being, and Tony is officially retired, so everything seems to be hopeless… that is until Scott Lang shows up after finally escaping the Quantum Realm!

They set off to gather the rest of the team including Hawkey and Thor (who has now turned into a fat, helpless and heartbroken slob with no direction or purpose in life except to drink beer and play video games).

From there, the movie picks up a bit with the team using Scott`s theory of time travel to enticing Bruce Banner (now completely merged and peacefully coexisting with the Hulk as “Professor Hulk”) to come back to the team. They then try to convince Tony is who happily married to Pepper and who has a daughter of his own to come back, but he flat out refuses them and doesn`t want to take any more risks.

Fortunately, for the rest of the team, he`s still Tony Stark and his curiosity will always get the best of him, so he eventually solves their time travel algorithm secretly in his free time and decides to rejoin the team in an attempt to reverse Thanos` snap.

From here the movie jumps into a series of time travel sequences that has each team member revisiting scenes from the previous Marvel films in order to gather the 6 infinity stones before Thanos can collect them.

Things go pretty much as planned with the exception of one major hiccup – Nebula.

Because of her and Rody`s mission, they actually wind up encountering/being in the same proximity of her former self. Both Nebulas share the same computer interface so the past Nebula starts randomly and uncontrollably accessing the newer Nebula`s future memories. This accidentally informs Thanos of his future use of the Infinity Stones, the Avenger`s current actions to stop him using time travel and his ultimate demise at the hands of Thor. He learns everything they are planning and decides to make his own move by replacing future Nebula with the past one and having her infiltrate the team.

However, in order to obtain the Soul Stone, Hawkey and Black Widow are forced to make a very hard choice. The Soul Stone requires a sacrifice. a soul for a soul… Clink and Natasha battle it out in order to prevent each other from sacrificing themselves. In the end, Hawkey makes a play to kill himself so that Natasha can return with the stone (because he figures that he has nothing to live for anyway), but Natasha stops him and sacrifices herself for the stone instead. She falls to her death on Voramir, while Clint wakes up and returns to earth with the Soul Stone in his possession.

The team holds a (too) short mourning period for Natasha before getting to work on using the stones.

Tony crafts his own version of the Infinity Gauntlet to house the stones harvested from the past, but in the end, Holk has to volunteer to use it as he is the only one who is physically capable to wielding the power of the 6 stones without dying. Hulk is successfully able to snap everyone who was dusted back to life, but the act incapacitates him for the rest of the movie and leaves him basically unable to fight at his full potential.

Hawkey receives a call from his wife, indicating that their efforts were successful. but then past Nebula betrays the team and brings Thanos (and his army) to earth.

This is where the action finally picks up again as the Captain America, Iron Man and Thor face-off head-to-head against Thanos and the rest of the team battle his minions.

Just when all hope seems lost and Captain America finds himself standing alone against Thanos and his armies, Falcon`s voice suddenly comes on screen with and says “On your left”. Then we see Dr. Strange`s sling ring portals starting to open behind Captain America and the remaining Avengers. at that point, all fo the dusted heroes and the armies of Wakanda, Shield, and other allies start to appear through the portals and join the battle!

This is where the final encounter begins and the movie really starts to show it`s a spectacle! Unfortunately, this is also where the movie starts to fail and becomes more… Disney.

Fists, lasers, and hammers fly, Captain America becomes worthy enough to wield Thor`s hammer against Thanos. Hawkey, Spider-man, Black Panther engage is a game of Infinity Gauntlet football. Scarlett Witch almost KILLS Thanos by herself and Captain Marvel bursts through the clouds at the last minute to decimate the remainder of Thanos`s space fleet.

In the end, though, the Mad Titan and his forces prove to be too resilient and the Infinity Gauntlet falls back into Thanos` hands. With no other way to stop him, Tony sacrifices himself by drawing the Infinity Stones into his own Iron Man gauntlet in order to snap away Thanos and all of his forces. He then dies slowly while Pepper talks to him to sleep.

There`s a funeral for Tony and we see the rest of the tea,/world start slowly piecing itself back together. At the end of the day, Thor decides to retire from being king and ruler of Asgard. He joins the Guardians of the Galaxy and takes off into space. Meanwhile, Captain America has been tasked with returning all of the Infinity stones back to their proper place in time. But at the end of his mission, he decides to stay in the past with Peggy Carter and live the life that he always wanted with her.

He shows up a few minutes after he went into the Quantum Realm, returning as a much older version of himself and decided to pass his shield as well as the moniker of Captain America over to Sam.

After that, the movie finishes with him and Peggy Carter finally sharing the promised dance that they never got to experience before.

That`s it.

*** My issues with the film ***

As you can see from the plot, this was indeed a pretty solid film from most perspectives. If wrapped up a lot of loose ends and most of the original cast members did receive some kind of closure/ending during this film. The torch was also passed on to the newer generation of Avengers for future films.

However, I do have a few problems with the WAY that this was done, because some of it happened at the expense of undermining the 10+ year efforts of the original cast members and “nerfing” (severely weakening)  the power levels a few of the strongest original team members in order to make the newer casts members appear to be stronger, more effective and more relevant to the plot of this movie than they really should have been.

To be honest, while it was fun watching a screen full of every possible character and cast cameo imaginable from all of the films over the past 10 years show up somewhere in this movie, in a way it lessened the overall impact of the emotional moments in the film and I could have done without a lot of them.

Having too many heroes show up at during the final battle and giving then little small roles to contribute was undoubtedly cool, but at the same time it lessened the impact of the individual struggles that have been building with the original cast members in each of the previous films that should have come to a final climax in this movie.

The final battle was way too crowded because EVERY character had to get their 15 ~ 30 seconds in the limelight, even if there was nothing for them to really contribute to the battle. A the end of the day, this felt less like a serious world-breaking event with the mankind`s future survival handing in the balance and more like a Disney “Hey, check out our NEW hero toy lineup!” promotional advertisement that was more focused with all of the new heroes getting in their power shots as nods to upcoming films.

That ultimately cheapened the experience of the final battle for me because having so many characters lessened the stakes of the battle against Thanos` supposedly overwhelming forces. It was nice to know that everyone who had been dusted managed to successfully return after Hulks snap, but I didn`t need to see everyone in the final battle of this film. Maybe at the end of the movie or at Tony`s memorial service, but not during the most climactic scene of this film.

That was a mistake in my opinion because it rendered all of the trials, tribulations, character growth and sacrifices of the original cast completely useless in the end.

We`ll explore this more by breaking down each of the main characters in the film.

*** Character Breakdowns and Performances ***

First off I must say that ALL of the cast members (even the people appearing in cameo roles, completely acted their ASSES OFF and did a remarkable job! There were no wasted lines anywhere here in this film. Everyone contributed their best heartfelt performances for this finale and it really shows their love, hard work, dedication and appreciation for this series. Stan Lee`s last cameo in this film was also a tear-jerker!

So none of my complaints about this movie will be based on the acting or character performances. Even Brie Larson did a good job in this film.

My issues with the movie come from the way that the original cast were weakened for this movie before being written out of the MCU. The entire reason that people all over the globe were so emotionally invested in this final movie was specifically that they were felt emotionally connected to the original cast members.

Unfortunately, this is a point that Disney always forgets when they take over a franchise because they tend to focus on quickly pushing out, killing off, or otherwise retiring the older and more beloved characters in order to “clear the field” for their new characters, streaming services and toy product lines.

We`ll come back to that later, but let`s look at each of the main contributing characters in this film:

Iron Man

Tony Stark was played perfectly in this film and is really the only character who got a proper send-off in this film from my personal perspective. As the man who started this entire franchise, Rober Downey Jr. receives 20 stars out of 10 for his final performance as Iron Man! He did a great job and this film closed out his character arks very well! All of his character`s struggles, tribulations, mistakes, and successes were accurately accounted for in this film and he was able to be the final word on finishing what he began with the redeeming words; “I am Iron Man”.

That was EPIC and his sacrifice was deeply felt across the globe. He was and still is the BEST Avenger, flaws and all. That makes him one of the most relatable characters in the MCU so far because we can see that his journey took him full circle. Absolutely NOTHING bad can be said about his final performance or the way it was written.

A perfect ending for a flawed hero! Love you x 3000!

Captain America
Captain America has always been one of my favorite characters in this franchise! In my opinion, to this day, both of his films “Winter Soldier” and “Civil War” are the top 2 entries for best films in the MCU with Infinity War coming in 3rd place. That`s because, unlike the other solo film entries by other characters, the Captain America films always proved to be the ones that ushered in the most significant changes to the universe and set the drastic changes necessary for the events of each Avengers film.

Cap is also flawed and has a lot of character depth because he is an old relic of the past that is forced to confront the new rules of engagement for a modernized world where a person of his morals and standards no longer really has a place (or at least has to struggle to find one). What he believes may be morally right, but it may not always be what the world needs nowadays – and he knows this., but since he doesn`t know any better he always sticks to his moral compass. That`s what makes him Captain America and ultimately what makes him worthy of wielding Thor`s hammer. Even when he`s flawed, he`s pure.

However, in this film, I don`t think that Captain America (like Thor) really got the send-off that he deserved after all of these years… That all went to Iron Man. It`s not really the way his character was retired, it`s the reason that his character was retired that I have problems with.

At the end of this film, Captain America fought hard and stood alone against Thanos for awhile. He was broken and beaten, but he could still fight and he did!

While I was originally thinking that he would sacrifice himself for the Soul Stone or die heroically in the battle against Thanos, I`m actually very happy that it didn`t turn out that way! It was a welcome surprise.

The problem is that he was still a bit too healthy at the end of the movie. He didn`t really sustain any heroic battle damage like the warrior that he actually is. So in my mind, there was no reason for him to give up and retire as Captain America. I mean, at the end of the movie, after Tony`s funeral, Cap got tasked with returning all of the stones to their proper place in time. I`m cool with that.

But the problem is that he chose not to return which I believe is generally against his character.

Cap is a very mission-oriented person who always tries to see everything through to the end. That`s one of his main characteristics. So for him to choose not to return to check up on his team (in prime fighting form) to make sure that everything was ok, that nothing in the timeline was changed, and that they no longer required his help or guidance before deciding to retire himself or go back in the past with Peggy is a little out of character for me… Remember, he was healthy, not damaged and had plenty of Pym particles to spare, so I think that would have been his natural choice before turning over the shield to Sam. In this case though, it looks like he just got tired and gave up in the end.

My rewrite:

It would have been much better if Cap hadn`t died in his fight against Thanos but instead had taken so much damage during the battle by a combination of using Thor`s Hammer (which was fucking AWESOME to finally see!) and taking hits from the Infinity Gauntlet that it actually burned a lot of the super-soldier serum out of his system to a point where he could no longer be useful in the types of battles they will be facing in the future (or even crippling him like a war vet).

That would give the rest of the team a REASON so assign him the task of returning the stones and deciding to not let him return to their time. they could have had it to where Banner & Tony (before his death) found a way to stop Cap from returning stopped him a time and place where he would be stuck with Peggy as their final good-bye to him and their wish for him to live a normal/happy life.

So right after Cap leaves in the Quantum Realm, Banner pulls the plug and explains his decision to the rest of the team who is shocked, like “Look, Cap`s done enough and sacrificed everything for us, so I think we all owe him one. He and Tony have carried this team long enough. I don`t want him fighting our battles anymore, so I think it`s time we let him and Tony get some sleep.” and everybody from Clint to Black Panther agrees with the decision.

Just then, when they`re all saying their goodbyes at the time machine, the old Captain America that we saw in the movie shows up and like “I never said you guys owed me anything, but it was a beautiful gesture.” Everybody slowly recognizes who he is and rushes to greet him. They hang out for awhile while Cap tells them about his life with Peggy and bids them all farewell, before passing his shield over to Sam like he did in the movie.

That would have been a much more suitable and meaningful ending for him in my opinion, where the team decides to honor his hard work and sacrifice thus far by letting him go and removing all of his obligations of their own free wills as is to say “Thanks Cap, we love you but we`ve got it from here on out. Go enjoy your life for once.”

Him deciding to do it on his own when he`s still healthy and able to fight cheapens the experience in my opinion.

But I do like the fact that he got his happy ending, so I can`t complain too much about it.


I was initially put off by what they did to Thor in this film. I felt that after building him up over his past few independent films and turning him into a complete badass in at the end of Infinity War, they then turned around and nerfed the hell out of him for the final installment of this franchise. While I do understand what they were going for in setting him up for an emotional journey and making him the “bottom of the barrel” hero who needs to redeem himself by the end of this film, I don`t think they did his character any justice.

Also, I notice that they didn`t even try to sell or market fat Thor in the promotional material, they only showed him in his Infinity War form because most fans wouldn`t have gone for what they did to him in this movie.

Of course, the idea was to humanize Thor, a god who had basically lost EVERYTHING over the course of this franchize (all of his family, his girlfriend, and his homeworld). Also, the guy who could get no satisfaction in killing the main person who caused off on his misfortunes and therefore has lost all of his motivation and reason to live.

Thor WOULD be depressed and WOULD turn into a slob with nothing to do. That`s fair I think.

The problem with his character in this film though is that as soon as he found out that there was a chance to reverse everything, he would have seen it as a chance to redeem himself and put ALL of his efforts into doing so. It`s his character because he would have seen this as maybe another time to possibly confront and properly kill Thanos in an honorable battle what would vindicate him of all of his past failures. That`s more in line with his character because he`s a warrior first.

Going into the Quantum Realm to get the Infinity Stones would have served as a call to action to him regardless of how depressed he was and he would have powered up, gotten himself back in shape for the upcoming battle in order to redeem himself for his failures.

Sniveling, coward Thor didn`t work for me at all in this film because it completely detracted from his character. Remember, he was bottom of the barrel before and had to redeem himself in his first film after being kicked out of Asgard by Odin, so there was no need to revisit that in my opinion.

Like Captain America, Thor also didn`t get an honorable send-off in this movie. While I was relieved that he didn`t die in his battle against Thanos.

My rewrite:

I wish he had taken a lot more significant damage and gotten some proper battle scars/damage that would justify him removing himself from the battlefield for and turning over control of Asgard to someone else for a while in order to physically and mentally recover from the ordeal. That would have been more acceptable to me.

Again, like Captain America, it looks like at the end of this fight, Thor just decided to give up and retire for no real reason other than “I`m sick of this shit, here you go Valkerie.”

I would have let him go out hard like a warrior, get his battle damage and then have him do turnover to Valkerie. The Guardians of The Galaxy would then offer to chauffeur him around in order to find a better place for Asgard or whatnot. He would have a REASON to leave, instead of just randomly choosing to do so on his own and pass the torch on to someone else.

That felt like a cheap move by Disney to quickly retire his character and pass the torch over to a female lead to take over his role in the future. But again, keep in mind that we (the fans) are not so familiar with Valkyrie`s character as we`ve only seen her in Thor Ragnarok and she hasn`t really proven herself as anything except a decent fighter so far in the series… There`s been no buildup for this sudden turnover so I think a lot of fans, like myself, are put off to it because of the fact that it seems forced with no context as to why she is worthy to receive the torch from him (other than everyone else he knows is dead).

Black Widow

Out of all of the characters who were totally disrespected in this final film I think Agent Romanov got screwed the worst. Scarlett Johanson`s performance of the character was flawless and I think that some of her moments carried the most emotional impact at the beginning of the film.

While it`s arguable as to what degree of effectiveness she would actually have on the battlefield using pistols against someone like Thanos, she actually had one of the MOST VITAL roles in the film by sacrificing herself for the Soul Stone!

Scott Lang showing up and Black Widow`s sacrifice were the two most pivotal points in the film. None of their plans would have come to fruition without either of those two events.

Unfortunately, due to the writing, Natasha`s sacrifice basically gets overshadowed by the rest of the movie and her major contribution is mainly forgotten by the end of the film. What gets me about this is that during Tony`s funeral service, everyone was gathered and paying respects to him – but only Hawkeye and Wanda were thinking about Natasha. That funeral service should have not only included her but also Vision and EVERYONE ELSE who sacrificed themselves or died in the battle. That would have been more impactful and made more sense.

It was ok to have Tony`s recording speak on his behalf, but it would have been better to have it be a mass funeral that honored Natasha and everybody else as well. I think it would have also been good to show Tony`s daughter that there were female sacrifices as well and that he died in the company of a strong female companion who also wasn`t afraid to make the ultimate sacrifice.

By making the final funeral just about Tony and not including Natasha in it as an equal, Disney really missed a girl-power opportunity with one of the most beloved characters in the franchise that fans have adored for years. That makes her death feel cheap and looks like Disney is just hoping that fans won`t miss Black Widow that much because they have a whole, new, shiny line of female characters that they will be pushing to take her place in the near future.

Basically, her sacrifice amounted to nothing worth really honoring at all. That makes me angry because I feel that her moment to shine was quickly forgotten.


Another character that was severely nerfed in this movie.

Hulk as Professor Hulk was funny, entertaining and… well, that was just about it. Once again after all of that build up and his personal crisis in Infinity War, this story didn`t deliver on bringing out any of his actual potentials by the end of the movie. Hulk was mainly just there for comic relief in this film and didn`t really contribute too much to the story save for his ability to survive the Infinity Gauntlet and snap his fingers.

But fans don`t come to the theater to watch Hulk “snap”. We went to the theater to watch Hulk SMASH!!! Which he didn`t do any of in this film! Keep in mind, that Hulk got his ass handed to him by Thanos in Infinity War, so realistically I think that everyone was looking forward to a heart-stopping rematch between him and the Mad Titan!

He should have been right there in the mix with Captain America, Iron man and Thor, even in his weakened state after using the Infinity Gauntlet to bring everyone back. His power is RAGE remember, nothing should make him angrier than seeing Thanos (the guy who whipped his ass) coming to earth and beating down his friends in plain view!

That was one of the major fails for this film in my opinion.

Thanos could still put a whippin` on him due to Hulk being weakened after using the Gauntlet, but he SHOULD have been in that battle giving major support to the other 3 guys, while Hawkeye gets his shots in from a distance and keeps the hoards of enemies coming to assist Thanos at bay with his arrows. That would have been a much more powerful and satisfactory battle!

Instead, Hulk got robbed of his time to shine in this final film, just like Captain America, Thor, and Black Widow… It`s a shame.


I was actually quite satisfied with Hawkeye/Ronin in this film. I mean, he didn`t get his shot at defeating or even taking shots at Thanos in this film like I would have hoped, but his role as a supporting character was solid and he had a purpose/a vital role. I don`t really have any major gripes about his role, except I would have liked to see a lot more arrows flying Thanos` way from his bow. I mean Thanos DID snap away his family before and would do it again if he got the Gauntlet.

BUT keeping the gauntlet away from Thanos was his priority so he succeeded! 🙂

No changes really necessary for him in this movie.

Scarlett Witch

The REAL strongest Avenger at the moment! I was VERY HAPPY that Wanda was the only Avenger to make Thanos SCREAM! That was one of the highlights of the movie for me because she lost a lot and had just as much reason as Thor to put a serious hurting on Thanos (and she did). She (not Captain Marvel) was the one that had Thanos begging for assistance and I LOVED THAT MOMENT! That was Perfect and Olsen`s performance really sold it!

She`s my female Avenger and I would love to see much more of her than Captain Marvel although she might cross over to X-men soon.

Her scene is hands-down one of my top 3 from this film! That was Epic! 🙂


I was also very happy with Nebula`s story arc. I especially liked her at the very beginning of the film when she was showing her compassionate side and trying to take care of Tony on the spaceship. That was very nice to see and made me love her character even more. The acting was also on point.

I also like the fact that she was inadvertently and unwillingly the reason that the team`s plan fell apart because it shows that even though she was desperately trying to change herself for the better in order to get away from what Thanos wanted her/literally made her to be, he still had a hold on her no matter where she ran to and she knew that she would eventually have to fight and kill him to finally free herself from his grasp.

I loved her character struggle in this movie and the way it was portrayed really makes me happy that she finally earned her freedom at the end of this film. I wouldn`t change anything about her character in this film.


Ant-Man really got his moment in this movie. Of course, Paul Rudd was able to heavily deliver on the comedy side of the house and had quite a few cute scenes in the film (tacos), which were well received. Also, I notice that his appearance is what changed the tone of the movie, not just because he was bringing a solution to everyone`s problem but when he returned, he was able to find his daughter alive & well. That was the beginning of our heroes` fortune flip for the better.

However, outside of bringing the team some good news about how to get the Infinity Stones back, he didn`t really have too many more standout moments in the movie except when he became Giant-Man and cold-cock-punched one of Thanos` flying Chitauri whales out of the sky. That was about it. I could have done with more of him in the battlefield and less of the other characters who just returned from dusting. After all, most of them will have their own film adventures in the near future, so I wish they had kept this film dedicated to story central characters only. In that case, I believe Ant0Man would have had much more of a role.

Rocket Racoon

Another strong performance by Rocket on the emotional side. Otherwise, he didn`t do much except shoot a few things in the movie and slap a depressed Thor around while collecting the Ether. He could have been utilized more in this movie.

War Machine

Again a character that was underutilized in this film. Rody has been around since Iron Man 2 but he has always been regulated toa support role. He did manage to contribute to a lot of the battlefield damage, but I think his part could have been bigger in the fight against Thanos as well by providing support fire with Clint and maybe taking on some of the Black Order (who basically did nothing in this film).

Captain Marvel

It`s no secret that I`m not a fan of this character (just read my Captain Marvel post and you`ll quickly see why). I hated her solo film and thought it was a complete waste of time, effort and movie budget just to forcefully shoehorn a “strong female character” capable of competing with the financial success DC`s “Wonder Woman” film into the MCU as quickly as possible. Her solo film was completely pointless and offered nothing of value to the movie except trying to get her into this film.

That being said, I actually liked her in this movie! One reason is that she had limited screen time overall. Maybe about 10 – 15 minutes in total. But during her time on screen, she actually had a major impact on the events of the film and contributed well to the team!

She was STRONG but actually not as OP as some people are claiming her to be in this film. Here`s why.

Yes, she did best Thanos in their first encounter and was able to single-handedly subdue him. BUT that was because he was already severely weakened by the second use of the Infinity Gauntlet that he admits almost killed him. He was basically a non-combatant at that point in the story when she met him and was too damaged to fight back at even half of his strength. That`s the difference.

Yes, she DID do some major damage on the battlefield, which was completely within her capacity and her character profile. Destroying ships is easy for her and matches her power level. Taking on a fully healthy Thanos by herself is not within her range, so Im glad that they didn`t go overboard with trying to show her as a central part of defeating Thanos himself.

Pepper Potts (Rescue Iron Man Suit)

Totally loved her in this film and would like to see her in this armor in other movies!

The Future of the MCU???

Disney is at heart a toy company that tends to make money off of licensing character/property names and making them kid/family friendly with the goal of selling more character-based properties later. It`s always been that way. Everything from “Snow White” to “Star Wars” is just based on Disney buying the rights to the properties, overwriting the original characters and story to fit the Disney brand image and whatever political agendas may be trending at the time in order to appeal to more masses and thereby sell more toys.

That works well for some properties, but it kills many others (more well-established brands) in the process, such as the Star Wars franchise.

Disney doesn`t seem to care about the characters or respect the actual content of the properties that they purchase, they simply care about owning the brand and being able to sell products based on popular names. That`s specifically why the next Star Wars movie, Ep. is called “Rise of a SKYWALKER” and features one of the most iconic and nostalgic villains from the original series.

Most people simply aren`t interested in the new characters that they`ve developed recently. they don`t feel bonded, connected or emotionally invested in them because of how fast Disney tried to replace the original cast members with them. Also, since they`ve killed off/retired the most iconic characters and personal role models that fans actually cared about for the past 40 years, Disney has nothing left to go on that will sell the new Star Wars films except nostalgia.

This has always been Disney`s shortcoming as a company, and unfortunately, it seems that this trend will continue with future MCU films going forward – especially with the Russo Brothers no longer at the helm and decided to bow out of making future Marvel films.

Because of this, it will be interesting to see how fans react to future Marvel films. I for one am not really so interested in the upcoming movies, which will kick off with “Spider-Man: Far From Home” in June. That`s mainly because, while “Spider-Man: Homecoming” was a decent film, I`m not really so invested in the new Spider-Man standalone character yet. I like the actor, but the only reason I was interested in watching Homecoming in the first place is due to Spider-Mans appearance in “Captain America: Civil War”. If it wasn’t for him being introduced in that awesome film, I probably would have skipped Homecoming altogether.

Disney knows this.

I think many fans feel the same way about the majority of the new Marvel line-up. They just haven’t proven themselves to be strong enough characters or have strong enough backgrounds that can compel us to think of them as legitimate torch-bearers (yet), so we`ll have to see how they fare in their upcoming solo films. But I think many people will opt out of paying cinema ticket prices to watch the next few films unless Disney can seriously show us their grit and prove that the new MCU lineup has the same storyline potential as the old cast. However, since Disney has recently been more focused on SJW politics and “Woke-ness” than actually making decent storylines, I think a lot of people may be turned off to this new MCU.

Will just have to wait and see what the future holds, but for me – Endgame might be my last rodeo for the MCU at the theater because all-in-all, I feel generally satisfied with the final installment and I don`t really feel the need for anything beyond that.

At least for the time-being.

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