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Aquaman 2019 (Movie Review) A+

Aquaman 2019 (Movie Review) A+
March 11, 2019 wfire3

Watched Aquaman. This is the BEST (only good) DCMU movie ever. It actually has a story that focuses on character development and not just powers, explosions and dark-themed cool music. It’s the first DCU movie with logic and a story that hasn’t been ripped off from a successful Marvel movie (Wonder Woman = Captain America, Justice League/Steppenwolf = Avengers/Loki)!

From the time I was a child up until quite recently, Aquaman was always considered to be one of the weaker and less significant characters in the DC Comic Universes. He was usually caught as the butt at the end of most Justice League or Super Friends jokes.

It wasn`t until “Justice League: Throne of Atlantis” was released in (2014) that people started taking him more seriously and viewing him as a powerful and equal to the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern.

What this movie gave viewers was a whole new slew of reasons to start considering the King of Atlantis a dominating force to be reckoned with int he DC Universe! I mean, with a snap of his fingers, he could literally drown the entire Earth`s population if he really wanted to.

*** Review ***

The story for this one IS a bit similar to Marvel’s Black Panther in some ways (challenge to the King’s throne by a half brother/relative, a war between tribal and ancient kingdoms with advanced technology that have been hidden from the rest of the world for millennia, etc) that can only be rectified by the main character rightfully claiming his throne – but it’s done quite differently and with a totally different style and there’s no obvious copying of story elements, scenes or lines.

Good mix of acting, SFX and proper use (timing) of comedy.

I didn’t get tired of watching this one at all and there were no real WTF??? moments that felt too awkward.

And Mera is an absolute FAVORITE DCMU/MCU heroine so far!?????????????????

Love her character, personality and strength in this film. The chemistry between here and Auquaman also felt organic and somewhat natural, unlike the recent Louis Lane/Clark Kent thing.

Mera & Arthur compliment each other nicely and neither of them is stupid for a change!?

The battle scenes made sense and were well choreographed. The lighting was good and everything could be clearly seen in a DC movie for a change.
No choppy action here folks! The bad guys also have some proper motivation and good/logical points for their actions as well.

Well done DCMU! I congratulate them on their first really successful film! This is the first DCMU film that I can positively review (and I was totally worried/completely convinced that it would actually suck).

I think that this is an excellent film and a very much needed change in direction for the DCEU in comparison to their recent films. Future directors and the board of directors at Warner Bros. should study this movie to find out why it worked and what elements really managed to pull the audience into it.

If the powers that be can accurately assess that and learn to replicate it without trying to mix in any SJW messages or unnecessary politics, they might actually be able to compete with Marvel in the near future!

Here`s to wishing them luck! But as of now, I think that most fans are going to walk away from this film feeling quite satisfied!

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