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Unity Indie G.O.W. – Conflicks – Revolutionary Space Battles

Unity Indie G.O.W. – Conflicks – Revolutionary Space Battles
June 13, 2017 wfire3


April 1st 1519. A month before his death, Leonardo Da Vinci managed to decrypt ancient Alchemists’ secrets and succeeded to transmute egg yolk into Metamatter, a marvelous substance allowing to increase intellectual capacities and influence the space-time continuum. The course of History would be changed forever.

What I like about this game:

Chickens have always been an indisputable and significantly powerful ally in any war right? Right? Well, even if you don`t believe that, they are in this game! I absolutely love the wacky premise of this game. Leonardo Da Vinci is back at it again, but the carnage and mayhem let loose upon the universe with his discovery will keep you playing this game for hours on end!

More to come!



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