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C.D.U.L.O: Franklin Spallenni (Sketch-to-Pinup Overview)

C.D.U.L.O: Franklin Spallenni (Sketch-to-Pinup Overview)
March 3, 2019 wfire3

Here`s just a quick workflow overview of the process that I like to use for creating my character-driven online marketing and promotional ads, pinup art, store products, and mobile game animations.

This week, I`ll be working with the character of Franklin Spallenni from the C.D.U.L.O. animates series that I am working on. I`ll be posting videos for each step of the process for my characters on YouTube weekly, so stop by here to see the full playlist!

*** Character Concept Design (Sketches) ***

First, come the character sketches. They don`t have to be anything fancy at this time. For this particular character, I have both an American comic-style version that was drawn by a professional artist I hired a few years ago. This version of the character will be used as a model for the animated series and eventual comics because it is more detailed.

I then drew a Japanese chibi-anime style version of the character that is a lot simpler, cute, and easier to animate for mobile apps, games and might reach a wider demographic in the area of physical printed merchandise (cups, t-shirts, sweaters, etc.)

*** Basic Coloring ***

Now, for this step, I usually jump onto my computer. While I could do the coloring after the initial sketch on my iPad using apps like Procreate & SketchBook, before transferring the artwork to my computer to be worked on in Adobe Photoshop or Animate (the newer version of Flash) first, I choose to immediately jump from the sketch art, directly into Animate to start my coloring process there.

The reason behind this is that it is easier, faster, and far more efficient because it cuts down on redundancy if you need to re-pose or animate a character! Plus there are a lot of other cool tricks and benefits that come out of using this style as well.

*** Animation ***

The ****

*** Creating Marketing Tools & Physical Products to Sell! ***


*** Moving On To Mobile Apps & Games! ***


*** Making Your Characters Come To Life Through Cosplay! ***


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