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A GameJam is an event where developers will be encouraged to develop their own small games OR work with a small team in order to build a game within 1 WEEK based on a certain, random topic! This will be the first of many events, so it should be quite fun if we can get enough people to join and collaborate!

This Game Jam welcomes all levels of experience and interest, from beginner to professional, with the overall goal of the event being to help& encourage like-minded people to create, collaborate, and improve their game development skills! The focus for this Game Jam isn`t necessarily to “win”, but rather to just “learn and improve”!

To make the submission process simple, we`re asking all developers for this particular GameJam to post their works on and then just submit links to their completed projects by Friday, May 28th @ 11:59pm (23:59) so that group members will have an opportunity to play them and vote for the best game via Discord or Social Media over the weekend.

Our Discord Server Link

The best game will be selected by the players and community and will be announced both here on the Meetup Group as well as on all of our social media channels. Participating Game Developers are also encouraged to post promotional links to their online stores or original character products in their submitted page links.

Game Jam Submission: MiyaBee`s Run


MiyaBee(雅 – her name means “elegance” & “grace” in Japanese) has just left home to do her daily chores and collect some pollen for making delicious honey-glazed sunflower seeds (because she`s an excellent chef)! But as soon as she stepped outside, the sky turned dark, some goons started attacking her and littering her home with garbage – and to top it all off, now she`s being relentlessly chased by a HUGE and seemingly indestructible group of monsters!

Seriously? What does a girl have to do to get a break?

How about kickin` some @$$ for starters!

Litter-bugs? Not on HER watch! This cute, swift, and crafty little honey bee`s got a serious sting, and these guys are about to feel it! So strap in for some lightning-fast reflex and shooting action while helping MiaBee clean up her yard and take out the trash (enemies)!


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