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The Wall Of Wish! ( Dream Maker App )

The Wall Of Wish! ( Dream Maker App )
August 26, 2017 wfire3

Wonderfully designed to make all of your wishes come true!

– Basic & Simple Design!
– Find something that you really like anywhere in the world!
– Take a snapshot photo of it for your memory!
– Make notes about the price and details!
– Create tasks, goals and a quick action plan to reach your target!
– Motivate & Reward yourself for getting what YOU really want in life! 🙂
– Record your progress!

What is your Wish?

Everyone on the planet has hopes, dreams, personal goals and wishes that they would like to fulfill. In today`s fast-paced and busy world, it`s easy to get distracted, lose focus and motivation for what you really want in life. 

That`s why everyone needs their own, personal wall-of-wish! 

This simple App will help you define, organize and keep track of your life goals whatever they may be (small or large). Simply find something that you like, take a quick picture of it, list the price and specific details of what you want and then use the “Today`s Task” list to start making your plan to get it!

The Wall of Wish not only helps you keep track of your goals. It is also designed to keep you motivated for achieving your goals while also rewarding you with fun little gifts for achieving them! 🙂

Learn to live, love and reward yourself for getting everything that you want in life. 

After all, you work hard so you deserve it!

===== Features =====

* Snapshot wish list. Just take a picture of something you want to add and save it to your list!

* Broken down into weekly, monthly and yearly goals for easier organization!

* A daily “To-do” list that will help you keep track of steps and take the actions that you need in order to get your wishes!

* In-app Currency that you can use to purchase games, toys and other rewards for accomplishing your daily tasks or reaching a new goal!

* Inspirational quotes and beautiful pictures to keep you motivated for reaching your goals!


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