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C.D.U.L.O.: The Outer Rim – Animated Series

C.D.U.L.O.: The Outer Rim – Animated Series
August 26, 2017 wfire3

C.D.U.L.O.: The Outer Rim

This planned 50-episode short animated TV series focuses on the otherworldly adventures of Zinjin and his super-elite team of soldiers as they seek to located and infiltrate the mysterious Shi`aki home-world hidden somewhere beyond the Outer Rim of Attraxian space.


The events of this series take place between Chapters 3 and 4 of “WildFIRE: L.O.R. – Book 1, Vol. 1” and explain some of the major circumstances leading up to the legendary “Zinjin Attack” at the Battle of Ephinox – so you won`t want to miss it!

Outer Rim Character Sketches

The series will be animated by none other than the creator of the WildFIRE series himself; so you can expect a lot of passion, detail and heavy hitting, no-holds-barred action coming your way soon!

Those of you who have read the first novel “WildFIRE: Prelude To Destruction” (now available on the U.S. iTunes Store) should already have some idea of what`s in store when it comes to action and gruesome fight scenes. But for those of you who haven`t yet read the book; strap yourselves in and grab onto something sturdy because this is going to be one hell of a ride!

C.D.U.L.O. Cast (click the image to read their individual profiles)

Zinjin (Team Commander)

Capt. Corey ( “The Matrix” ) Bryons 

LT. Megan ( “Stiletto” ) Reevers 

1st LT Franklin “Hollow Point” Spallenni


Cheveyo ( “Black Wolf” ) Kajika

Ens. Randy ( “Rand-teel-tdzlaal Fortuna”)

1st LT. Dozer Delangura 


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