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WildFIRE Book 1: Vol.1 (Sneak Peek 3)

WildFIRE Book 1: Vol.1 (Sneak Peek 3)
February 11, 2019 wfire3

This peek is taken after a group of Shi`aki spies manage to infiltrate the OCTAGON HQ. Alex and the team manage to stop the enemies with the help of a mysterious “friend”.


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…”I told you to stay there!” Alex scolded her furiously. “Since when did you become my father?” Shannon shot back looking him squarely in the eye. “Considering I am telepathic, I might be able to help you. Besides, I couldn`t just stay there and let you have all the fun could I?” She smiled mischievously. Alex gave up.

“What do you see?” He asked.  Shannon closed her eyes and concentrated briefly before opening them. “Eleven guys… no make that ten now, each of them with really heavy-duty, rapid-fire Vulcan cannons. Shi`aki spies. They`re in a circle formation right in front of the west gate. Your friend, Ryan, is pinned down with a couple more security guards on the other side of that box.” She said pointing to a large electrical box.

Alex was impressed. “Let`s go!” He said grabbing her by her hand and teleporting to where this friend was hiding. They came out of their teleport right behind the group and scared the living shit out of all of them. One of the men quickly raised his gun. Alex caught the barrel and casually pushed it to the side.

“Alex? Shit man, you scared the fu** out of me! I hate it when you do that.” The guard complained breathing a sigh of relief. Shannon looked at the group of men in front of her. Noticing one of the men had a broken nose, she recalled one of the guards that she had fought with upon her arrival. It was him alright. “Howdy boys,” She grinned mischievously as the man turned to face her. Saying nothing, he quickly turned back around. He knew better than to cross this one.

“It’s about damn time you got here!” Ryan shouted over the noise. “Mind telling me what the hell’s going on?” Alex demanded a little peeved at seeing the group of men huddled behind such a small device like scared little mice. He was dying to know how all of this had happened.

“It`s like this, these eleven guys came to us in a group see. They all had passcodes so we let them through, but during the cross-check, number eleven`s code erred out. We nicely asked him to step back through the gate for reprocessing but instead, they all just broke out the monster heat and started laying the place to waste. So much for being nice huh?” Ryan retorted peeking around the corner of the box they were all hiding behind before ducking back as a strafe of laser fire peppered the area around them. This was really embarrassing.

“We didn`t even have time to respond. We lost a few guys too. Don`t know how many yet, but at least five. I don`t know who.” One of the other guards stated grimly. “They came in really hard and heavy,” another added.

“Then that`s the way we`ll have to take them out,” Alex said giving Shannon a quick wink. She knew exactly what he was planning. Two swirling clouds of bright blue mist formed around both of her hands as six four-inch, razor-sharp ice blades formed between her closed knuckles.  “Cover me.” She instructed to the group of men in front of her. Ryan gave her quick thumbs up. Alex prepared to teleport.

Springing around the corner, Shannon darted out into the open between volleys of laser fire and quickly threw her six ice blades into the group of men. The blades sliced their way through the open air and easily found their marks killing two of the intruders instantly and injuring three others. That got their attention. The rest of the men quickly turned on her just as she`d expected. Alex peered over the top of the box he was hiding behind. Now it was his turn.

In a flash of light, he teleported above the middle of the group while charging a fireball in his right palm. Falling with gravity, he slammed the fireball into the back of one of the intruders` heads before smashing him headfirst into the hard-packed dirt floor below as the intense heat of his fireball completely incinerated the man`s skull leaving a smoldering headless corpse. The rest of the group quickly scattered. Wasting no time, Alex set to work dispatching them with lethal precision.

Determined no to let him have all of the fun, Shannon joined the fight using her ice blades to slash her enemies to shreds. Unable to use their large and overly bulky, heavy-duty Vulcan cannons in close combat, the remaining intruders tried to put some distance between them.

“Let`s rock!” Ryan called gallantly as he and his men sprang from behind the electrical box and started firing at the fleeing spies. One of them quickly turned on them and brought his gun up to his waist. Thumbing the trigger he rapidly started mowing them down with the large gun. They were no match for his firepower. Ryan just barely managed to hit the deck while a few of his other teammates were ripped to shreds by a rapid barrage of intense laser fire. The others ducked for cover as the electrical box finally sustained too much damage from the fight and exploded in a hot shower of metal and parts.

“Shit!” Ryan swore scrambling to his feet. Alex was never going to let him hear the end of this. The spy fired another volley of laser fire at him. He quickly jumped out of the way but the gunner followed his movements. One of the lasers cut deeply into his left thigh. He screamed in pain and fell to the floor. “Not good!” He thought to himself scrambling for his lost laser rifle.

The intruder was just about to finish him off when he was caught by a combo volley of blue and bright yellow energy which burnt a hole through his protective chest plate and sent his body flying across the room and into a nearby wall. The impact was enough to put a huge impression in it before the body slumped to the floor.

Looking to his left, Ryan saw his rescuers. They were Dutch and Naomi. Dutch, apparently completely recovered from his wounds and ready for action, stood tall in full battle armor with his dual wrist cannons poised for the kill while Naomi sat in a low kneeling position directly below him with her dual blasters leveled at their enemies. When it came to guns and glory, these two were almost the perfect tag-team.

Wasting no time, they quickly began to make short work of the remaining four intruders. Alex and Shannon had already done most of the work, they were just there to watch their backs and mop up.

Watching the rest of his comrades being routed, one of the spies decided to give up the fight and make a break for it. Dropping his bulky weapon, he reached into his pocket and removed a small magnesium flash grenade and threw in into the group before turning around and dashing for the gate before anyone could stop him. The grenade exploded in a bright white flash, temporarily blinding everyone in the area.

Having seen the grenade prior to the attack, Alex quickly grabbed Shannon and buried her head in his chest while shutting his eyes and shielding her from the blast. They were the only two who weren`t flash blinded by the attack. Everyone else was rubbing their eyes in pain.

Releasing Shannon, Alex turned his attention to the fleeing spy. He had almost made it to the gate when a black-clothed figure stepped from the shadows and caught him with a vicious ridge-hand to the throat with his outstretched right arm.  The force of the attack was so fierce that the man`s body flipped completely backward and landed with a bone-shattering “thud” on the ground below.

The black-clothed figure kicked him squarely in his face with enough force to lift his body completely off the ground and send him crashing backward. The man groaned in agony as he lay on his back grasping his chin. The black-clothed figure casually walked up to him and planted a heavy black boot deep into his chest while standing on top of him and removing one of the two blasters strapped to his thighs. There was a sword strapped to his back. Without warning, he fired a bright red bolt of energy into the man`s right leg completely blowing off the lower half of it. He wouldn`t be going anywhere now. The spy screamed in agony.

“I`m only going to ask you this once, so listen closely. How did you find this place?”  The mystery man demanded promptly while aiming the blaster squarely at the man`s forehead. The intruder knew that he was not playing around at all. Knowing full well what the Shi`aki would do to him if he betrayed them and also knowing that there was no way in hell that he was going to make it out of Octagon in one piece, the man elected to take the third option.

“Shit!” The mystery man exclaimed quickly reaching down and grabbing the spy roughly by the jaw. He was too late. The spy’s body convulsed in pain as the electro-sonic capsule in his back tooth activated and sent a super-sonic high pitched drill shooting into his brain causing it to completely explode into a bloody mess of goo inside of his skull.

A think grey smoke began to stream from the dead man`s eyes, nose, ears, and mouth while the immense electronic output from the capsule completely fried what remained of his brain tissue. If nothing else, the Shi`aki were very thorough, especially when it came to their spies. They didn`t intend on leaving any part of the brain intact for further study by their enemies.

Saying nothing, the mystery man dropped the dead spy’s body and rose to his feet. He had hoped to be able to pry at least a little bit of information out of the spy before he killed him but oh well, there would be others. Besides he was here on a different mission this time.

Having recovered from their blindness, the group of security guards spotted the mystery man and instantly surrounded him. It was clear that none of them recognized him. They had already been caught off guard one time today, they didn`t intend on letting it happen again.

“Hey, you! Stop right there! Identify yourself!” One of the guards demanded as they continued to surround him and brought their weapons to bear on him. The man was not amused. Saying nothing, he replaced the gun in his holster and glared at them.

“I said identify yourself! What`s your passcode?” The guard demanded again. “I don`t have one.” The man stated matter-of-factly. His voice was deep and calm but inside of it, there was a repressed, growling fierceness that everyone in the room could feel. It made the entire group of guards feel very uneasy. Something about this particular man intimidated them all greatly. Perhaps it was his completely carefree manner.

For someone who had fourteen guns pointed at him, he sure didn`t seem to take notice. That meant either one of three things. One, he didn`t care, two, he was crazy, or three, he was completely confident in his abilities and he was pretty sure that no matter what move they made, he would be the one left standing in the end. Either way, none of those options were good for them. Still, they held their ground.

Dutch and Naomi joined Alex and Shannon. They were glad that both of them were unharmed. “You guys ok?” Dutch asked walking over to them. Naomi was right beside him. “We heard the alarm from the infirmary and got here as soon as we could,” Naomi added with a smile.

“We`re fine. Thanks for the backup.” Alex replied as he and Shannon dusted themselves off. Her white t-shirt was covered with dirt. “How about you? You all fixed up now?” She asked looking at Dutch. He appeared to be fine.

“I`m fine, my auto-repair systems managed to fix everything I think. I gotta get some food though because I`m starving!” Dutch answered patting his stomach. “You mean you need to re-charge your batteries.” Alex verbally sucker-punched him.

“Yeah, but only so I whip your punk ass.” Dutch shot back. “Looks like you`ll be charging for a long time then!” Alex remarked smartly. A big grin crossed his face. Ahhh, just like the good-old-days. It was good to have Dutch back up on his feet. The last few days just hadn`t been the same without him, now everything seemed to be getting back to normal, however, that was defined. Dutch was about to reply when Naomi cut them off.

“Hey, guys isn`t that?…” She started momentarily capturing everyone`s attention. Turning to his right, Alex saw the security standing in a tight circular formation. In the middle of them was a dark clothed figure.

“Holy shit, it is him. But what`s he doing here?” Dutch answered recognizing the man from before. Shannon said nothing but instead just stood there watching the mysterious man in front of her.

“That`s what I`d like to know,”  Alex stated eyeing the newcomer suspiciously. The timing of his sudden appearance was a little too convenient for his taste. Something didn`t feel right.  “Wait here. I`ll go sort all of this out.” He instructed before turning and walking towards the security team.  The others did as they were told.

“I said remove your weapons and place them on the floor, now!” The security member in charge yelled at the man for the fourth time. Of course, he didn`t respond at all but instead stood there with a slightly bored and irritated look on his face. He didn`t have time for this. It would be nothing for him to kill all of the men surrounding him but that was not what he came here for. He was here on a special assignment. Glancing up, he saw Alex approaching the group. Finally a familiar face.

“Damn it I said…” The guard yelled in frustration at the man`s non-compliance. He was very close to just shooting him and claiming that his weapon had accidentally discharged. But for some reason, something inside of him warned him that it would take a lot more than just a rifle shot to get the best of this particular individual. Actually, he was scared shitless as was the rest of his team. What was it about this guy that made him so afraid?

“Back off Justin, I know this guy,” Alex said placing his hand on the guard`s shoulder startling him so much that he almost jumped completely out of his skin. “You know this guy?” The other man quickly recovered never taking his eyes off of the mysterious man in front of him. “Kind of,” Alex answered slowly looking the mystery man directly in his dark brown eyes. The man looked back at him.

“Well, he`s about to catch a slug to the head if he keeps this shit up!” Justin growled mustering all of the bravado he could find. The mystery man just cocked his eyebrow and gave him a slow and menacing glare. Justin quickly shut his mouth and took a cautious step backward. He hoped to God that he wouldn`t have to back those words.

“Relax Juss, I`ll take it from here.” Alex declared lowering the guard`s gun barrel away from the mystery man`s forehead. He didn`t even flinch. Justin quickly stepped back to a safe distance behind Alex. He was more than relieved that Alex had elected to step into this situation. If the Fire-Starter wanted to test his mettle against this particular guest, he was more than welcomed. Justin just hoped that he would never run into this guy in a dark alley anytime soon. The rest of the security team lowered their weapons and slowly backed away as Alex confronted the newcomer.

“So it’s you.  I guess I owe you one for helping us out back there in Sector 28.” Alex started glancing at the man casually. He was armed to the teeth with a variety of odd weaponry. Physically, he was a little shorter than Alex but they were both about the same muscular build. His dark brown skin went perfectly with his dark brown eyes and neatly trimmed midnight black hair.

The man didn`t bother to respond. He and Alex were both doing the exact same thing, sizing each other up. Physically speaking, they would probably have been equally matched in a fight. The difference between them would be their fighting skills. They had both seen each other in action before so each of them knew that the other was not to be taken lightly.

However, as far as he had seen, besides his enhanced strength, speed and agility, the mystery man had displayed no extra-sensory or mutant abilities. He mainly relied on his fighting skills and weapons to accomplish his tasks. That being the case Alex’s mutant powers and ability to teleport along with the protective metal covering his abdomen and forearms would definitely give him a certain advantage in a fight.

“I guess I also owe you one for pushing my friend and me over the cliff that day. That was really cute by the way.” Alex continued slowly glaring at him. The man said nothing but instead returned his glare with moderate interest. He was waiting for Alex to make the first move. Alex caught the look in his eye and immediately thought better of starting anything, at least not here and not while he was armed.

“All of that aside, you mind telling me what the hell you`re doing here and how you found out about this place?” He asked crossing his arms in front of his chest and backing off just slightly. As usual, the man didn`t bother to answer.

“Simple, I invited him.” A voice stated from behind them. Alex turned around. It was the major. “You know this guy?” Alex questioned with a clearly puzzled expression. “Yeah, I do.” The major replied casually before walking over to the mystery man and extending his hand. The man didn`t take it but instead looked from the major to Alex…


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