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WildFIRE Book 1: Vol.1 (Sneak Peek 2)

WildFIRE Book 1: Vol.1 (Sneak Peek 2)
September 10, 2020 wfire3

First date…..


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…”Let me know if you have any trouble, I’m going to check out the cargo. Might find something useful.” Alex declared leaving her to work in private. “Ok, but be careful.” She warned again giving him a quick concerned glance. “Don’t worry, just see what you can find, will you? I’ll be back in a bit?” Alex smiled in assurance before leaving.

Glancing at the structural damage truck three had taken from Dutch’s plasma rifles, he decided that he would start with truck number four. Walking to the end of the overturned truck, he carefully put his ear to the heavy metal door to see if he could detect any movement on the other side. He heard nothing. Feeling that it was safe, he slowly released the outer locks and opened the left door by pulling upwards.

Stooping down to get a better view of the truck’s interior and the cargo inside, he was just in time to be greeted by a very hard boot to the face. The force of the kick sent him sprawling backward across the desert floor.

Rolling quickly to his feet he shook the surprise attack off and immediately slid into a fighting stance as his new enemy slowly began to emerge from the cargo hold. A very strange feeling suddenly crept upon him as the hand continued to push the door open. He was about to call for Dutch when a small black boot left the transport and stepped onto the sand followed by a very beautiful young girl.

Caught totally off guard by this Alex took a surprised step backward. “A girl? What the hell is she doing here?” He thought aloud as the girl quickly exited the truck’s cargo hold and glared at him defiantly. He could tell that she was pissed. “Wait!”  He stammered trying to explain the current situation to her. The girl wasn’t the least bit interested in his excuses, which she proved by instantly attacking him.

With blinding speed, the girl launched a quick and hard right roundhouse kick to his face, which Alex just barely managed to dodge. Reacting promptly, the girl brought her kicking leg down and caught him with a rapid combo of kicks to his right knee and chest with her opposite leg causing him to stagger slightly. She finished the combo with a lightning-quick back spinning roundhouse kick to the side of his face with her right heel. The blow caught him solidly in the chin.

“Damn she’s quick!” Alex thought, forcing himself to recover from the attack. Although the girl was much smaller and physically weaker than him, he could tell that she was no novice when it came to hand-to-hand combat. Her skill and speed more than made up for her lack of strength. She also had a very distinct advantage over him because Alex had never really had to fight a girl before, especially not one as beautiful as this one.

Alex had always thought of himself as a superior fighter and had often shunned the idea of ever having to do serious combat with a female. Because of his strength and fighting experience, he always thought that girls were naturally no match for him in combat. Now he was rapidly being taught exactly how wrong that assumption really was. This particular girl was quickly making minced-meat out of him.

Sensing that she had caught him off guard, the girl continued her assault. Following her previous kick through with her right foot still in the air, she twisted her supple body and crossed her right arm in front of her face as her left arm naturally dropped to a guard position around her midsection. She needed to finish this quickly.

Closing her eyes she briefly channeled her internal ki into the palm of her right hand and focused on the air around her. Suddenly small droplets of water began to grow and swirl around her hand as the air around her was condensed to liquid form. Once this was completed, she focused even harder as the water stopped flowing around her hand and came to rest in her palm forming a strange liquefied silhouette. Using her inherited ability to control water particles as well as its temperature, the girl froze the liquid into a very dense alien form of unbreakable ice. The water in her hand transformed into a pair of razor-sharp butterfly swords made of ice.

Glancing at her enemy, the girl targeted his exposed neck and swung the blades in a quick arcing motion towards his throat. The blades missed his throat by mere inches as he quickly dodged them but was slashed deeply across his right shoulder instead.

Alex grimaced in pain as the blades bit into his skin. He hadn’t even seen her remove the weapons from where she had been hiding them. To him, it seemed like they just appeared out of thin air. Spinning away from her, Alex looked at the two long parallel gashes in his shoulder. He suddenly came to the realization that this crazy bitch really was trying to kill him! Having realized this, his judgment slowly began to overcome his pride and his surprise began to give way to anger. He had never purposely hit a girl before but he was going to make an exception for this one!

Surprised that he had managed to dodge the lethal attack, the girl quickly separated the twin blades and now held one in each hand. She charged him again slashing fiercely at his throat before stabbing viciously at his face with the blade in her right hand.

Alex dodged to the left while parrying the stab to the right of his face with his left palm. Turning the blade horizontally, the girl countered by slicing at his throat again in a reverse arcing motion. Alex ducked beneath the blade as a few of his hairs were cut from his head due to their sharpness.

The girl was impressed. She had never met someone who could dodge her blades before. There was definitely more to this guy than she’d originally thought. Slashing at his injured right shoulder again with the blade in her left hand, she watched in disbelief as Alex skillfully blocked the blade with his armored right forearm. Steam began to rise from the sword as the heat from his armor conflicted with the frigid coldness of the blade. Seeing her surprise, Alex used the chance to launch an attack of his own.

Reaching past the blade he’d just blocked, he roughly grabbed her attacking arm and pulled her off balance while stepping into her with his left foot and punching her squarely in the nerve between her left shoulder and collarbone with his free left hand. The girl groaned in pain as she lost her concentration and dropped the sword in her left hand.

Aiming for her face, Alex threw a heavy right cross at her chin with his right hand. The girl just barely managed to dodge the blow by spinning quickly to her right as his fist zipped past her nose. Using his natural arm extension to her advantage, she blocked upwards with her left arm while spinning through his attack, forcing him to temporarily lose balance and creating an opening in his midsection.

She finished the block with a fierce spinning slash to his exposed midsection using the sword in her right hand. There was a solid metallic “clang” sound as her blade met the armor covering his torso. Alex was lucky that time. If it hadn’t been for his armor, she would have gutted him like a fish.

Determined not to give her a chance to attack, he forcefully knocked the second blade from her hand with his left hand and grabbed her by her long black hair with his right. The girl shrieked in pain as he pulled her head backward. True, it was a cheap trick but if it would keep her off of him for a bit he wasn’t going to regret it too much. For a second he thought he had her at a disadvantage as she struggled to free herself from his iron grasp. That was when he found out about her other skills…

Grabbing his attacking hand that was tangled in her hair, the girl gracefully twirled her beautiful body, pulling him off balance and catching him in a very painful reverse arm lock in one smooth motion. Locking his captured right arm behind his head with his elbow pointing skyward beside his head, the girl using her leverage, tripped him with her back right foot and slammed him backward. Alex landed headfirst into the ground. The attack should have broken his neck and shoulder. It didn’t. Instead, it just made him angrier…


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