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WildFIRE Book 1: Vol.1 (Sneak Peek 1)

WildFIRE Book 1: Vol.1 (Sneak Peek 1)
February 11, 2019 wfire3

This is a peek at a fight between Alex, Dutch and a Shi`aki-paid bounty hunter named Raijin which takes place at the beginning of the second volume while the two are searching for info about the Shi`aki`s new plan.

Wild FIRE: Legend of the Ryukage - Dutch


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….The old man just stared at them both briefly before reclining back in his chair and laughing. “You two amuse me.” He said removing a long cigar from its case and lighting it in front of them.

“Really? And why’s that?” Alex asked, a feeling of caution suddenly creeping upon him. “Because I’ve never met two young men so eager to die,” The old man glared back at him. Alex could tell he was hiding something. Dutch could also feel it.

“Give us those damn plans old man or you’ll be sorry!” Dutch threatened menacingly. Once again the general laughed, completely unmoved by the display of bravado. “Tell you boys what, let me introduce you to a personal friend of mine.” The old man said tapping a red button on the arm of his chair. “Raijin,” He called leaning over to the invisible microphone located in the chair’s headrest.

Hearing a noise to their right side, Alex and Dutch both turned to see a sliding door slowly opening up in the corner of the room. Behind it stood a man in battle armor. In his right hand was a long sword-shaped object and there was another foreign shaped object strapped to his left thigh. Raising his head slowly he met their gaze.

“Raijin,” Alex whispered to himself. “You know this guy?” Dutch questioned not taking his eyes off the man. “A bounty hunter. One of Octagon’s most wanted.” Alex filled him in.

“Been missing for a while. I was wondering where he’d gone.” Alex said recalling a previous run-in with this particular criminal, in which Alex had failed to capture him. “Hey bitch, you ready for another ass-whoopin’?” Alex taunted the man as his ki began to rise.

“Not this time Fire Starter. You and your boys got lucky last time. You won’t find me so easy this time!” The armored man swore coldly fixing his eyes on Alex. This was going to get personal real quick.

“Well, I see that you two know each other. That’s good. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have other business to attend to.  Raijin, take your time picking them apartc And do try not to make that much of a mess this time.” The old man smiled. “Just leave everything to me,” Raijin replied still meeting Alex’s gaze.
“And just where the hell do you think you’re going? We’re not finished with you yet!” Dutch growled angrily leaping towards the old man before hearing Alex’s warning.

Turning quickly he watched as Raijin quickly snatched up his sword-shaped weapon with his right hand and placed the blade flat side down on his left forearm. There was an odd-shaped hole located in the center of it. Gunblade. Pulling the trigger, Raijin released a large bolt of red energy at him.

“Shit!” Dutch cried crossing his arms in front of him and charging up his built-in deflector shield which created a ball of transparent blue energy around his entire body. The blast impacted and bounced off the shield before continuing and punching a hole in the wall. His shields weakened by eighty-five percent. He was still recovering from the blast when Raijin fired again. The red bolt of energy sped towards him while he desperately tried to recharge the shields. Alex tackled him out of the way just seconds before the blast impacted. It missed them both by mere inches.

“You ok Tinman?” Alex asked picking himself off the floor. “Yeah, guess next time I’d better just get the hell out of the wa… Look out!” Dutch shouted as Raijin appeared behind Alex with undefined speed and brought the huge bladed weapon down on top of him.

Wasting no time, Alex pushed Dutch out of the way and rolled to his left. He just barely missed having his head cut from his body. Dutch rolled to his feet just in time to block a heavy middle slash aimed at his right side with his spear before receiving a hard flying sidekick to his face, which sent him sprawling across the floor.

Alex also rolled to his feet and prepared to attack. Raijin quickly turned on him and reaching into the pouch on his left thigh, pulled out a small stick-shaped object. Flicking the switch, he whipped the odd-shaped weapon out to the side. With a crackling sound, a nine-foot coil of reddish energy sprang from the weapon revealing a long plasma whip.

The coil of swirling energy lashed out at Alex and slashed him across his right arm leaving an electric singing sensation. Swinging the coil around his head in a long arc, Raijin flung the coil with a sharp cracking sound towards Alex.

Raising his arm just in time, Alex managed to block the attack as the whip coiled itself around the red armor on his arms. Raijin pulled the line taught and brought his Gunblade to eye level with the blade pointed towards his opponent. He was trying to pull Alex into the end of it while his Gunblade’s energy cells recharged but Alex stubbornly held his ground.

“This is great! I’d love to stay and watch but I think this room is getting a little too crowded for my tastes.” The general said finally growing bored with the fight. Raijin was good but he knew that there was no way he could beat both of his enemies. It was only a matter of time before they regrouped and overcame him. He was especially impressed with Alex. Hopefully Raijin could buy him enough time to escape. Tapping another button on his chair he waited while the floor below him opened up. The chair quickly locked in place and began to descend beneath the floor.

“Damn, gramps is getting away!” Dutch called rolling to his feet and charging the old man once again. He was too late. The chair completely vanished beneath the floor and a thick metal door slammed shut behind it.

“Don’t just stand there, go after him! I’ll deal with this bastard!” Alex instructed still resisting Raijin’s pull. “Right!” Dutch said dropping to one knee and stabbing the end of his spear into the door’s crack while straining with all of his might to wedge it open.

“Oh no you don’t!” Raijin growled once again aiming the Gunblade at Dutch’s back. His energy cells had completely recharged for another blast. He released the deadly bolt of energy, which Dutch just barely managed to dodge.

“That does it!” Alex screamed now complexly pissed. Jerking the whip with all of his strength, he pulled Raijin directly into him, the man stumbled forward having been caught off balance. Alex quickly punched him in the face with his left hand and caught him with an inverted heel stomp to his leading right knee forcing Raijin to a kneeling position on the floor. This he followed with a heavy backhand to the man’s face. Raijin growled in pain and quickly slashed at Alex with the Gunblade in his left hand. The blade passed swiftly in front of him but Alex was nowhere to be found.

Teleporting to the downed man’s backside, Alex stooped and quickly delivered a smashing elbow to the back of his head behind his right temple before standing and catching him with a ferocious round kick to the unprotected left side of his face, which made him drop his Gunblade and sent him sliding across the floor.

Rolling to his feet, Raijin once again prepared to attack with his whip. This time he was stopped cold by Dutch, who out of nowhere fired a bolt of energy into him, knocking him even further backward and slamming him into a wall. Raijin screamed in pain as his right shoulder was pierced by Dutch’s spear, which he had thrown after the blast to pin him against the wall.  Raijin dropped the whip and slid to the floor. This fight was over. Dutch and Alex walked towards him.

Raijin groaned at the intense pain in his shoulder as Alex lifted him to his feet. They didn’t have time to be gentle with him. “Where does that shaft lead? How do you get the door open? You’d better talk!” Alex yelled shaking him roughly. “Go f*** yourself!” Raijin coughed defiantly.

Dutch and Alex both shot each other a very annoyed glance before rearing back with their opposite hands and punching him squarely in the face sending him flying through the shatterproof glass window of the general’s office. There was a terrified scream as Raijin plummeted sixty feet below and fell into the vat of super hot Myrillium below. That was the end of him but Alex and Dutch’s problems were just beginning.

Having triggered the plant’s security system when they punched him through the glass, the security alarm began to blare. Soon the entire security force would be on their way.
“To hell with this! Dutch, get that door open!” Alex called running to the shaft the general had used to escape.

“I already tried to pry it open but it’s too thick,” Dutch explained raising his spear to try again. “Screw it,” Alex said pushing him backward and releasing a fiery ball of energy into it with his right hand. The hatch blew open.

“You like doing that don’t you?” Dutch remarked. “Come on! Gramps is getting away!” Alex cried grabbing his comrade’s arm and jumping into the darkness of the shaft below…….


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