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C.D.U.L.O.: Cheveyo ( “Black Wolf” ) Kajika

C.D.U.L.O.: Cheveyo ( “Black Wolf” ) Kajika
May 25, 2018 wfire3

Cheveyo ( “Black Wolf” ) Kajika – The Navigator & Infiltrator of Team Ashura.

Known as “The Spirit Warrior Who Walks Without A Sound” Black Wolf is suspected to be the last of his kind, a race of Native American architects with shamanic powers and a strong connection to the spiritual world.


Due to being stranded with the rest of his team on a particularly harsh planetary environment for over 2 years with no supplies and support due to a blocked supply chain, Franklin`s eyes and internal organs suffered significant damage from the pollution, which caused a massive amount of casualties to his team during their campaign. To compensate, Franklin found a way to upgrade himself and his teammates using alien technology in order to survive. The results of this are his cybernetic eyes, which allow him to view multiple spectral modes, as well as enhanced internal organs including a strong lung capacity, which temporarily allows for him to survive the vacuum of space for a few seconds.


Refusing to be called by his real name or referred to by his military rank of LT out of respect for his tribe and his personal rebellion against the world organizations that did not help defend them during their time of need (the Shi`aki eradicated them during their first invasion due to their technological advances, ability to predict future events and awesome power), Black Wolf is still an essential asset to Team Asura.

Having been assigned to Meg`s unit as a tracker and infiltrator during one of her missions, Black Wolf was highly impressed with the girl’s skill and ability to kill without hesitation. Her ability to visually track and predict his movements in the shadows greatly enhances his ability to gather intel from Shi`aki military installations much easier and provides him with excellent cover if needed. Meanwhile, his inclusion in the team has been proven to reduce overall casualties of units under her command. The two have a very healthy respect for each other.

Although clashing with Zinjin and Corey due to their unorthodox tactics when infiltrating a base or gathering information, Black Wolf now has the highest respect for them both. He`s also very fond of Randy, can tolerate Dozer (even though the two could be considered natural enemies do to opposing the forces of light and dark), and he gets along well with Spallenni because they are both interested in advanced technology.

Black Wolf`s gifts are also his curse.
Aside from being an expert tracker who is a specialist in espionage, Black Wold is actually the last remaining Gate Keeper to the Shadow Realm, an inter-dimensional portal that holds the deceased souls of those who are seeking to return to the living realm. Black Wolf`s tribe was one of 6 guardian tribes that was dedicated to maintaining the balance between the living and the dead.

Because of this, his ancestors also have a very ancient historical knowledge of the “Kuragami” demons who once wandered the earth as his race was one of the few who could actually sense and stand against them by absorbing their darkness and using the demon`s power to their advantage.

Black Wolf is a shadow walker, which means that he can physically merge himself into any shadow or reshape them to his will. He can use this to “Shadow Melt”, form bladed weapons, create projectiles, or allow a partial-to-full takeover of his body by a demonic form which resembles a hulking black wolf with red eyes that gives him immense physical power.

Because he can move through shadows, Black Wolf`s range of motion isn`t limited to conventional gravity in most cases, although it may apply when he releases himself from the shadow realm. This means that he can essentially climb walls and scale buildings of any height completely undetected when in shadow form.

Although this technique is powerful, it does come with some major limitations. When is shadow-melt form, any part of his body that is submerged is highly vulnerable to light and laser-based attacks. A sudden burst of light or flash-bang grenade would literally blow off the submerged body part forcing him to retreat or recover in the shadows. He can regenerate missing body part, but it takes a very long time and he will be out of commission during that period. Because of this, he always needs to be careful with how he moves.

Another downside is that because his power is fueled by the souls of powerful demons who are always seeking to return to the living realm, whenever he uses the technique, he exposes himself to a possession or “reverse takeover” from powerful beings residing on the other side.

While he has allowed himself to go into full-takeover mode a few times, which gives him an unlimited boost of strength and increases his range of shadow manipulation powers, the mode allows shadow beings to feed off of his mind and soul – driving him insane (at which point, the only two who can naturally contain him and bring him back to normal without technological assistance are Dozer and Randy, with the help of Zinjin who is a little more resistant to physical attacks than most humans).
The rest of the team is well aware of this, so Black Wold has worked with Spallenni to develop technological counter-measures and containment devices using a mix of light and sound waves that can temporarily restrain him. The sounds waves are too intense for most humans to bear (causing them to lose consciousness when in use), Zinjin, Spallenni and Dozer are the only 3 members of the team that can resist them once activated.
When he`s not in demon-rage mode, Black Wolf is a quiet type who likes to stick to himself, observe what others are doing and listen to tribal music while flying the ship. His connection to the shadow realm also makes him an excellent navigator because he always knows where he is going due to the internal compass that lets him find his way to anywhere in the galaxy.


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