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C.D.U.L.O.: 1st LT. Dozer Delangura

C.D.U.L.O.: 1st LT. Dozer Delangura
May 9, 2018 wfire3

The Team Tank + Holy Man of Team Ashura


Our resident “Honey Badger in space” Dozer is just as fierce as his name and physical appearance imply. This guy is not to be trifled with and is very protective of his teammates, especially Randy, who he first met on Zinjin`s ship. 

Highly cultured and intelligent, Dozer actually hails from a race of royal blooded warriors who travel the galaxy hunting the strongest prey that they can find. While not conquistadors per se, the original dark purpose of his race was to find and “purge pestilence” from the universe by eliminating the weaker species` on planets and re-seeding them with stronger life from other planets. 

However, this all came to an end over 800 years ago when members of Dozer`s family revolted to wage war against the previous empire and toppled them with their brute strength. As a way of making up for their previous mistakes, Dozer`s race has modified their original “purge directive” to protecting and reseeding planets that their previous empire had waged war on or destroyed.

One of the planets included in the purge was Randy`s original homeworld. However, she and her family had already escaped to another solar system before the Tolarduins arrived so she is unaware of their historical connection.


Dozer grew up as one of the royal guards of his race. Raised as a holy warrior, he is what would be considered to be a Paladian in earth speak. Trained to observe, take action and defend the weak from oncoming threats, Dozer has stayed true to his duty by joining the ranks of COBRA as an ambassador of his race in the fight against the Shi`aki empire after they invaded his home planet. He was assigned to Meg`s team specifically for the purpose of containing Black Wolf`s takeovers should they re-occur after a certain instance.

Despite standing over 7-feet tall, Dozer is actually considered quite small for his race as he is basically the equivalent of a 9-year-old child by their standards.

Dozer is loyal and hard working. Although he does not trust humans and finds them inherently foolish in nature by consistently seeking to create means of destroying themselves out of what he deems “simple-minded boredom”, he is somewhat sympathetic to the human condition and genuinely wants to help. He is often feared and looked upon as an outsider due to his physical appearance and race`s genocidal history.

Randy is the only person that he truly trusts because they share a unique bond. They could almost be considered a pair. Despite her petite frame and his hulking form, the two are virtually inseparable and make a perfect battle combination with him being the tank and her being the spell caster. 

In addition to his raw combat ability and physical strength which greatly outclasses Zinjin`s and the rest of the team`s (outside of Black Wolf`s full takeover mode), Dozer actually possesses holy magic which is highly effective against dark energy, dark magic, and shadow attacks. This is what allows him to “tank” a lot of attacks by projecting a dense protective barrier around himself and others. 

One of his main forms of “purification” comes from bites and scratches which allow for him to basically paralyze and “exorcise” demonic energy by feeding off of the blood of his victims. This makes his powers a natural deterrent to Black Wolf`s Shadow based powers. He can subdue Black Wolf using “holy bind” and by biting Black Wolf`s shadow for to siphon off or “purify” the darkness inside of him. Unfortunately, this process also leaves him open up physical attacks, but Dozer`s build and Randy`s healing magic can usually allow for him to walk away from the encounter with minimal damage. 
He needs to come into physical contact with the enemy in order for his powers to work. 

Dozer’s primary weapons of choice are is his Tolarduin dual battle axes (which also deal light and gravity-based attack damage) and binding chains.

Dozer also possesses, enhanced senses, the ability to harden and fire certain areas of his hair like projectiles that are capable of penetrating solid steel, acidic, like blood that is non-lethal to humanoids but can melt through most Terran alloys, and a sonic pitch yell that can crack and smash the armor of enemies over wide distances (but does not distinguish between friend or foe). 

Dozer is heavy but agile. His claws are sharp enough to let him easily climbs walls and smooth metallic surfaces when needed, but they have no effect on magnetically shielded surfaces. Durability-wise, Dozer is the only member of the team who can directly tank a laser blast from enemy ships, but his invulnerability is limited by the physical strain that maintaining a protective barrier take on his body.

Although he is one of the wisest members of the team and gets along with everyone on the team, his emotions do often take charge when it comes to Randy as he simply does not allow (and will viciously fight) to keep her out of harm`s way. His curious nature is one of his most attractive points as he always seems to be in “study mode” to learn things about the people, world and the universe around him.

Dozer is a strong and reliable companion that Corey affectionately refers to as “big fuzzy”.

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