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I am an experienced Creative Director, Mobile App Developer and Video Blogger in the Tokyo area. I enjoy traveling around the world in order to study martial arts, natural medicinal practices, and traditional forms of cultural expression while sampling the local cuisines. I am self-taught in the areas of Web, Computer Graphics, Mobile Application Design, and Video Game Development.

My primary goal is to create cool, new stories and stuff that people will enjoy (while staying healthy and having fun in the process). The tutorials and resources on this site were created with the purpose of teaching others to do the same.

If you need some help with a creative project, book a free consultation session via the “Contact Me” form below or via my LinkedIn, StackOverflow, Twitter & GitHub accounts

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C.D.U.L.O.: The Outer Rim

Buckle Up Soldier!

Because it`s going to be one hell of a ride…

An Elite Team of Mercenaries On A Mission To Save Our Universe…

This planned 50-episode short animated TV series focuses on the otherworldly adventures of Zinjin and his super-elite team of soldiers as they seek to located and infiltrate the mysterious Shi`aki home-world hidden somewhere beyond the Outer Rim of Attraxian space.

The events of this series take place between Chapters 3 and 4 of “WildFIRE: L.O.R. – Book 1, Vol. 1” and explain some of the major circumstances leading up to the legendary “Zinjin Attack” at the Battle of Ephinox – so you won`t want to miss it!

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“C.D.U.L.O.: The Outer Rim”

Character Profiles

Warfare Field Operations Commander Zinjin
Character Profile

LT. Meg Reevers
Character Profile

Capt. Corey ( “The Matrix” ) Bryons
Character Profile

1st LT Franklin “Hollow Point” Spallenni
Character Profile

Ens. Randy ( “Rand-teel-tdzlaal Fortuna”)
Character Profile

1st LT. Dozer Delangura
Character Profile

Cheveyo ( “Black Wolf” ) Kajika
Character Profile

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