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Living In Japan

  • Using eTax System In Japan Thumbnail

    Using the Japanese e-Tax System 2020 (Web Version)

  • Creative Design Ideas image

    Why you SHOULD consider creative work in Japan!

    In this article, I will discuss why it`s not a bad idea to start doing creative work as a foreigner…

  • The Devil`s Delight in Tokyo! ( DevilCraft Craft Beer Pub & Pizzeria! )

    So, last night I decided to stop by DevilCraft (one word) Beer Pub & Pizzeria, located near Hamamatsucho Station here…

  • Flipped Learning Classes in Japan

    Working In Japan: The Hidden Dangers of Corporate Skype Lessons ( for teachers )!

    So, you`d like to work in Japan, huh? Well, it`s not actually a bad idea nowadays! Japan still has a…

  • Kinshicho Station View 1

    Around Town Tokyo! – Kinshicho Station ( JR Sobu Line )

     View The Full Photo Library for this area HERE – 203 photos ( 写真 )! The Station Kinshicho Station…