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Capt. Corey ( “The Matrix” ) Bryons

Capt. Corey ( “The Matrix” ) Bryons

Capt. Corey ( “The Matrix” ) Bryons – The architect, technician, communications, and weapons officer of Team Ashura.

Known for his quick wit and sense of humor even in the most perilous situations, Corey is actually the only member of the team to have previously served with Zinjin. As a matter of fact, the two have been best friends since their days at Cobra Military Cadet Training and have served multiple tours on various interplanetary battlefields together. Corey is the Yin to Zinjin`s Yang and they make a perfect combination.

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Although Zinjin is the calm, cool, tactical thinker who can also physically tank for the duo due to his superhuman strength, speed, and mutant durability, Corey consistently has his back and always seems to know what he is thinking – Without Zinjin having to say a word. 

While he is perfectly capable of handling himself in hand-to-hand combat (he`s one of the only humans who can actually keep with Zinjin on the battlefield or when sparring), Corey prefers to light enemies up from behind the lines while providing cover support and defensive barriers to the team via the use of his Atmospheric Entry Armory Vault (A.E.A.V.) which he can instantly call down from their ship, the “Phantom Raven” in order to provide offensive or defensive support for the team in virtually any hostile alien environment. 

These drop pods, or “shells” as he calls him can be easily configured and arranged by Corey in any layout that he desires prior to being dropped with expert precision from orbit or during their flight to the surface. 

When in-flight, Corey can usually guide these pods to a gentle landing. However, with each pod weighing literal tonnes, when used as projectiles, these pods can impact with the gravitational weight and explosive force of a small hydrogen bomb, completely crushing and devastating anything that happens to be laying in their paths (including alien armies, tanks or enemy structures) to clear a path for Zinjin and his team. The pods can also be used for extraction or left as explosive bombs to devastate large enemy hives.

The only drawback is that most of them are too big to be dropped in smaller spaces.

When he`s not out on the field with Zinjin, looking after Randy or trying to get Reevers to go out on a date with him, Corey usually spends his time hanging out with Spallenni and Dozer to repair, tune-up and outfit these pods for the next mission. Completely the opposite of Zinjin`s quiet and sometimes gruff demeanor, Corey is the one that everyone talks to as he is pretty good at giving instructions and interpreting what needs to be done in any situation.

With Corey`s structural design, communication skills, and quick analytical thinking, the team always has a safe and tactical base of operations to launch their missions from in any hostile environment.

Secret Note:

His callsign on “The Matrix” is actually a reference to an old 1990`s sci-fi movie. This film has special significance to him due to the fact that his father left him a vintage copy of the old DVD as a graduation present from the CDULO Academy. The message from his father was simple:

“Don`t just limit yourself to what can be seen with the eyes. The world around you is full of energies and opportunities if you know where to look. Never forget that the rules of engagement for any encounter are not set in stone. They can always be changed and bent to your own will, so always seize the moment and keep moving forward.”

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