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Welcome to cre8tive Media Vault

Welcome to cre8tive Media Vault
August 31, 2017 wfire3

The Mission Statement!

Welcome to cre8tive Media Vault, a site for creatively talented people across the globe to study, learn, create and start showcasing their original creative works.

As everyone knows, unless you are popular, rich, a well-known author /someone already in the industry, or just plain lucky; it can be hard for artistic people to follow their dreams or get recognized for their creative works. The overwhelming pressure of following the status-quo of working for a company in order to pay bills and survive in today`s world can be quite tough, so it is understandable why most people are reluctant to pursue their artistic passions.

As the creator of this site, I hope to be able to encourage you, assist you and help “push” you in a fun-free way ( like I have to do for myself ) to start creating the worlds that you imagine, the way that you see them! If you need any help, check out my online tutorials and downloadable resources for inspiration and to get started with building your own creative projects today! 🙂

Have fun & good luck!

~ Walter


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