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Recent App Videos (iOS11, Chat, BitCoin & Augmented Reality)

Recent App Videos (iOS11, Chat, BitCoin & Augmented Reality)
January 27, 2018 wfire3

Yes, I`ve been busy… Very busy… taking classes on Augmented Reality, professional art building and animation so that I can improve the quality of my future apps and games. I`ve also been designing new coffee mugs, t-shirts and stuff for my online store in order to make up for money lost during class time. I will be updating apps and make more tutorials soon, once my classes finish. In the meantime, here`s a quick post of 11 apps that I`ve made to show you some of the demos that I have been working on for reference!

Will teach you guys how to build these and many others later. 🙂

Basic iOS Messaging App Demo (Using Firebase)

Basic iOS BitCoin Ticker Demo

Basic ARKit Portal that I made for iOS 11

ARKit Plane Shooter Demo

Basic ARKit Shooter for iOS 11

Working with SpriteKit in ARKit Demo

Whack-A-Squid ARKit Demo

Ikea App ARKit Demo

ARKit Solar System

ARKit Basketball Demo

ARKit Writing Demo


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