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Creating an Expanded Gaming Universe (from start to finish)

Creating an Expanded Gaming Universe (from start to finish)
July 9, 2017 wfire3
Creating and Expanded Media Universe

EVE Online_expanded Game Universe

Ok, so everybody knows that I love video games, movies, comics, and animation. I`m a very creative minded person.

I believe that everybody may have a spark of creativity or maybe a world, which in their own mind, they would like to build. But getting started on building that world, even for people like me, can be a non-starter. Everybody has a story they want to tell. But knowing HOW to tell that story and get people to take notice of it or LISTEN to it, is often the hard part. In the old days (the 1990s) you had to go to college, get a degree in something, have the right agent or proper connections, and access to the right networks or media resources to reach large audiences on a global scale… Either that or you needed to have a REALLY GOOD story that people wanted to promote.

But the problem is that even in today`s world of modern technology, internet, YouTube and instant access to everything, there are still a lot of people have very good stories that never get to be seen or heard because they simply don`t have the right acknowledge or tools to express them.

Which is why I`ve decided to create a blogging series that covers everything people may need to know in order to express themselves and tell the stories that they want to tell be creating their own expanded gaming universe.

Here we`ll be starting with things like:

* Main Character Concept Design
* Building a “universe” around that character (those characters) which can be expanded to other forms of media in
  order both promote the original game but also create outlets to other related stories
* Writing game, TV and movie scripts
* Creating Storyboards
* Flash design & animation (to initially to put on a website and later for character game sprites)
* Creating a WordPress website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account for your upcoming projects related to your
   characters & story
* Game Concept Design (what type of game suits the world of your character and how can people experience the essence
   of the story through gameplay)
– who is the character & what is their main goal / delima
– writing the scenario
– what does the character need to survive the game
– enemies & motivations
– obstacles & environmental hazards
– things that help the player
– player navigation through the environment
– powerups & rewards
– bosses
* UI (user interface) design for the game
* Creating your first simple 2D Game in Unity
* Publishing a free promotional game to the web for people to play through and familiarize themselves with your story
   & world)
* Creating a YouTube Trailer for your game to promote it and your website
* Making money from your game
– creating (uploading) a paid version of your 2D game using Xcode & SpriteKit to distribute it to the Apple Store
  and charging a small amount
* How to get a comic made of your idea to put on your website!
* Making a paid version of your webcomic for the App Store
* Making a spin-off series YouTube movie for your project (using relevant but lesser known characters in your
   original game)
* Upping the game to 3D video games and console / Steam releases!

These are just some of the things that I`ll be covering in this blog and the YouTube videos accompanying it. I`ll also be covering a lot fo the free & essential tools that people with little-to-no money can start using in order to get their projects off the ground like:

* Celtx screenwriting software (for character concepts and scenario design)
* Paper by 53 (for storyboarding concepts on iPad)
* Adobe Creative Suite online version (particularly Flash CS6, Fireworks CS6, Photoshop CS6 & After Effects CS6)
* Unity Game Engine (for game making / concepts)
* Xcode & Spritekit (for making paid games and uploading them to the Apple Store)
* Blender (for 3D artwork)
* Particle Designer & Glyph Designer (for in-game particle systems and good text logo designs)
* Comic Life (for basic comic book layout)
* Steam Account
* GarageBand (for making game and YouTube video clip music)
* CFXR (for in-game sound effects)

So get ready and enjoy making your own world!


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