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Cosplay Build Inspiration – Man At Arms!

Cosplay Build Inspiration – Man At Arms!
September 8, 2017 wfire3

While cosplaying can be a very good way to market and advertise your own original characters, finding inspiration on how to build the stuff that you would like to build or even finding designs can be a difficult challenge. It`s always good to watch professional artists and builders work in their craft because even if you will not be using the same materials, you can still get some pretty awesome ideas on how to create your cosplay clothing, armor and weapons!

When it comes to fantasy, no weapon has stood the test of time longer than the traditional sword. Even in futuristic, post-apocalyptic shows like “The Walking Dead” swords and bladed weapons are still the more trustworthy companions for adventure seekers or guys who have simply run out of bullets to spray at large crowds of zombified enemies!

And when it comes to the creation of bladed weapons, no one is better than these guys!

The crew at Man At Arms, makes REAL swords out of our fantasy game, anime and TV show weapons. their YouTube series gives you an overview of the entire process of bladed weapon making, so you can actually use some of the same concepts to forge your own cosplay weapons! We`ll go through some of the materials that we can use for building cosplays later – because metal isn`t cheap and a plasma cutter might be a bit beyond our budget.

But if you`re looking for inspiration for your cosplay weapon builds, this is the series to watch!

Also, check out DIY Prop Shop below to get some idea on building really cool cosplay prop weapons (that look bad ass but won`t actually kill people) Hahahaha!


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