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Download the Game Level 3 Track for my first iOS Game“Gimme Back My Planet!” now! now!

Download the “Wild FIRE: Blitz – Thief Demo Character now! now!

Download the “from The Sky!” Environment Pack Demo Now! now!

Download the theme song from my“Fables from The Sky!” children`s book series now! now!

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Backgrounds & Environments

Download the full “from The Sky!” Environment Pack Now! now!

Character Packs!

Download the full Wild FIRE: SJ Blitz Thief Pack now!

Download the full “from The Sky!” Animals Pack Now! now!

Vehicles, Weapons & Objects

Download the full “Gimme Back My Planet!” Space Pack now! now!


3D Art Resources &
Photo References

For book covers, posters or character pin-upshots!

Character Poster Sample

With Photo Edited Background!

Character Poster Sample #1!

Character Poster Sample #2!

Character Poster Sample #3!

Game Beats!

Download the first original game track to “Gimme Back My Planet!”

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