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I am an experienced Creative Director, Mobile App Developer and Video Blogger in the Tokyo area. I enjoy traveling around the world in order to study martial arts, natural medicinal practices, and traditional forms of cultural expression while sampling the local cuisines. I am self-taught in the areas of Web, Computer Graphics, Mobile Application Design, and Video Game Development.

My primary goal is to create cool, new stories and stuff that people will enjoy (while staying healthy and having fun in the process). The tutorials and resources on this site were created with the purpose of teaching others to do the same.

If you need some help with a creative project, book a free consultation session via the “Contact Me” form below or via my LinkedIn, StackOverflow, Twitter & GitHub accounts

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iMessage – Dark Office Humor Stickers v.2

iMessage – Dark Office Humor Stickers v.2
September 13, 2017 wfire3

Free Dark Office Humor iMessaging stickers from the Project Wild FIRE -Expanded Universe” are now on the App Store.

Download NOW!

These colorful, animated and fun iMessage stickers revolve around the characters of our Wild FIRE Universe online comics, games and apps!

Cre8tive Genius








Craftily designed, light, funny and easy to use; these stickers are meant to add a mischievous bit of fun to your daily texting whether you are in school, at the office or hanging out at home. Send a one-punch line to your colleagues via static stickers, or kick things up a notch with unlockable animated stickers!

More stickers coming soon! 🙂

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