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Fables from The Sky! (2018 App Store Update)

Fables from The Sky! (2018 App Store Update)
February 27, 2018 wfire3

New Additions coming to the Fables From The Sky series!


Inspired by “Aesop`s Fables”, this children`s interactive book series features fantastic stories that children of today can easily identify with in order to learn real-world values.

Each story includes exciting puzzles, games, and activities that will allow children to expand their own imagination while learning life-long, moral lessons that they will carry with them well into adulthood.


* 1 free story with 3 default activities and 4 “Splat-Paint” coloring pages to get kids started on their adventures.

* Colorful drag-and-drop characters for children to play with and learn from!

* Beautiful and easy-to-read text!

* A “play” button on each story page for automated “read-to-me” style interaction! 

* Easy puzzles, games and coloring pages designed to keep small children engaged!

* Build-your-own construction style games that allow kids to customize pages!

* Photo Booth camera action that allows kids to use the device camera for taking pictures and inserting themselves into the story!

* Device screen snapshot buttons for kids to take inApp pictures of their custom artwork and designs!

* More Apps & Games Coming Soon! So sit back and enjoy the setting sun with your children while reading our wonderful stories!

( Only on the App Store! Requires iOS9 or above. )

Click the support link below for app related inquiries.


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