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Alex Rybeck – Character Bio

Alex Character Bio

Name: Alex RYBECK

Age: 27
Affiliation: OCTAGON
Primary Battle CLASS: WARRIOR

Alex is the firestarter of the group. Quick, decisive and first to act in most circumstances, he`s usually on the front lines of any fight burning down any opposition that might thwart his mission objectives or seek to do harm to his friends. With a style that is too hot to handle, nothing stands in his way!

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Although his true abilities have yet to be seen, Alex has displayed the ability to teleport himself over short distances. In addition, he has the natural ability to form an organic steel shielding around his lower arms and abdomen allowing him to take a large amount of physical damage making him a very formidable opponent. He also has the inherited ability to manipulate the heat spectrum and to control the element of fire.


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Alex Rybeck was born in what was once known as New Orleans, Louisiana. He never knew his parents. He spent the majority of his life in a Shi’aki slave camp mining hitronium, a strong substance used in building Shi’aki weaponry. He stayed there until the age of 12 when he escaped. As a young boy without a home of his own, Alex turned to a life of crime for survival in the harsh streets of an old run-down city. He lived there for two years.         

Things changed for him when a Shi’aki extermination unit raided the city. The ruthless hunters mercilessly killed everything in their path. Being one of the last survivors of the raid, Alex attempted to escape from the squad of assassins. However, in doing so, he was seen in the open and was seriously wounded by one of the hunters. As a result of the pain and anger, for the first time in his life, Alex psionically manifested his powers. He easily killed two of the guards in hand to hand combat before engulfing the other six in an explosion of flame which completely wiped two city blocks.       

This being his first manifestation, it left him too weak to move. The destroyed buildings came crumbling down burying him beneath the debris. When he awoke he found himself in the presence of  Major Kilmer leader the Octagon, a group of rebels fighting to save the world from destruction at Shi’aki hands. They had gone to the city to stop the massacre but had gotten there too late. Having found Alex miraculously alive and unconscious the group elected to take the young boy back to their base.          

Kilmer, a kind-hearted but gruff man, having found the slavery brand of the Shi`aki on Alex, who had no real name at the time, and being overwhelmed by the potential the young boy displayed, recruited Alex as one of his troops. Reluctant at first, Alex eventually joined the group where Kilmer took him under his wing and began training and educating him. Although sometimes hard-headed and very temperamental, he was amazed at how quickly the young boy learned. A strong bond soon began to form between the two.    

Fueled by burning hate for the Shi’aki, Alex spent most of his time sharpening his fighting skills and locating and destroying Shi’aki military installations throughout the area. Amazingly strong and cunning in the extreme he soon became one of the key Intelligence leaders in the organization and quickly gained the respect of all of his peers. Although he is perfectly content with his new life, Alex still has a burning to know about his shattered past.        

A very skilled and extraordinarily powerful opponent, Alex has proven himself to be one of the most unstoppable forces in the battle against the Shi’aki. His self taught “down and dirty” Kempo-like fighting style is very brash and destructive, like fire. In addition to this, after years of experimentation, Alex finally managed to gain a certain degree of control over his powers thereby further enhancing his fighting skills.  

Finding it necessary to keep his powers as much of a secret as possible, very few people actually know of his supernatural abilities. Alex himself does not have a clue where his powers come from although it is believed that he is a mutant.  

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