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1st LT Franklin “Hollow Point” Spallenni

1st LT Franklin “Hollow Point” Spallenni

He`s the mechanical engineer of Team Ashura.

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Known both for his practicality and wry sense of humor, Franklin is literally the glue that holds the team (most notably, their ship) together. 

But it would be a huge mistake to simply write him off as just another grease monkey and practical joker. One of the oldest members of the crew, Franklin is battled-hardened, serving more than 6 tours on interplanetary defense against the Shi`aki forces.

Due to being stranded with the rest of his team on a particularly harsh planetary environment for over 2 years with no supplies and support due to a blocked supply chain, Franklin`s eyes and internal organs suffered significant damage from the pollution, which caused a massive amount of casualties to his team during their campaign. To compensate, Franklin found a way to upgrade himself and his teammates using alien technology in order to survive. The results of this are his cybernetic eyes, which allow him to view multiple spectral modes, as well as enhanced internal organs including a strong lung capacity, which temporarily allows for him to survive the vacuum of space for a few seconds.

Additionally, since his upgrade, Franklin can jack himself into almost any type of hardware or software for troubleshooting it. His “jack in” ability also works as a power-up as he can sometimes use this to give himself a significant upgrade during a fight by integrating surrounding weapons and battle systems into his arsenal, which he can then control to a certain degree. The process is exhausting and significantly depletes his physical energy as well as his internal life support systems. This can make him a sitting duck in some cases if he is not careful in using the techniques. Fortunately, being the genius that he is, Frankin is usually able to pre-calculate his energy reserves before engaging in anything that would leave him vulnerable unless absolutely required.


C.D.U.L.O. 1st LT Franklin Spallenni FULL

An expert with anything that goes “boom”, Spallenni prefers to rely on his trusty dual MacTek handguns, carries elemental ammo and plasma bombs which he constructed with the help of Ensign Randy`s magical abilities. Needless to say, these things pack a serious punch, although the results of some of his newer “experiments” often meet with… unpredictable results.

He also has the unique ability to “curve” custom-made explosive projectiles fired from his guns in any direction that he chooses, even when using semi-automatic mode due to a visual multi-lock-on display implanted into his eyes. He can lock onto eight targets at once. however, the more targets he needs to focus on, the more concentration he needs and the slower his general reaction time when dealing with other tasks.

He is the only one of Meg`s team who had crossed paths with Zinjin and Corey prior to joining their team years later. Having briefly served with them before and having a chance to see them in action, he greatly respects them and volunteered to join their strike force as the mechanic and technology advisor. He often works closely with Corey for the ship`s armament arrangement.

Cool, laid back, and mostly easy-going, while most of the team has been on the receiving end of one of his practical jokes, Franklin is also one of the wisest members of the group and is always there to give much-needed, unbiased advice and guidance to the team when necessary. Due to his age, they tend to view him as the eldest member of the group, with most of the team calling him “Pop” as per his preference — which has more to do with his love of explosives than his actual age.

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